Towerwall: Providing information security services with longstanding partnerships with vendor technologies

According to Michelle Drolet, CEO and founder of Towerwall, customers have been recently paying more attention to threats and network security because of news headlines reporting on severe phishing attempts, ransomware attacks and breaches. When prospects approach Towerwall, the firm takes a hard look at their corporate culture before building out a valid information security program. At Towerwall, information security is never a one-size-fits-all approach – every customer is at a different maturity level.

Towerwall differentiates itself from the competition by offering its clients a customized approach, rather than a generic solution. Additionally, Towerwall focuses solely on Information Security and relies on its key Strategic Partners to deliver services for other specialities such as computer forensics and root cause analysis.

Towerwall offers a comprehensive suite of information security solutions in the areas of Integrated Risk Management and Vulnerability Program Management which include but are not limited to information security program development, policy development, incident response plans, user awareness as well as the technical assessments like network and application penetration testing, technical controls and architectural reviews.

“Towerwall has stayed in the competition by catering to each of its clients in a different tailor-made manner, rather than serving everyone generic solutions.”

The Boston-based InfoSec services provider also offers an onsite and remote “virtual CISO” personal service to fill in the CISO role as needed.

The methodologies Towerwall has adopted to evolve its offerings include understanding risk and risk tolerance, performing a risk assessment on behalf of an organization against an agreed upon information security framework, and then building out a customized program which includes a long-term strategy. Towerwall also helps organizations determine where they rate on the maturity capability model. Critical to the success of the program is defining roles and responsibilities in a step by step process in order to progress the program forward. They also offer an onsite virtual CISO personal service to fill in the CISO role as needed, which many of their customers sign up for.

Towerwall provides data security services with a reliance on vendor technologies and reseller partnerships with the industry’s leading security software vendors including, Sophos, Varonis, AlienVault, Armis, ForcePoint, DarkTrace, Qualys, PhishMe and many other nationally-recognized security vendors.

Within the organization, Towerwall ensures that all of its employees are on their toes regarding information security. The entire team is comprised of senior-level engineers and consultants. Towerwall expects to continue building on the momentum gained last year by evaluating additional vendor partners and by adding to their “Top 3” partner group, most likely a SaaS solution vendor that looks promising enough to help increase revenue for all parties.

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