Roles and Responsibilities of Cyber Security Analysts, and their salaries

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked” said Richard Clarke. In an ever-growing technological age, we need people we can depend on for cyber security. This is why we have CSA!

What is a CSA?

CSA (Cyber security analysts) are security experts who utilize their skill and experience in areas like network administration/engineering to help fight the activities of cyber criminals like hackers, and they protect businesses from malicious software. They work with different I.T. professionals and even management, to find and remove flaws with the I.T security system within the company. They will also recommend targeted measures that can help improve security standing.

Roles & Responsibilities

These CSA’s are obligated to make sure that the company’s cyber assets are defended from unapproved use. This includes security both online and offline, they are responsible for looking at the data to screen out shady activities, and finding and reducing risks before they happen. If a security breach does happen to occur, cyber security analysts lead the charge to combat the threat.

CSA’s are obligated to produce detailed reports for IT administrators and business managers, to assess the security guidelines that are already there. They then will prioritize taking the necessary action to obtain a secure network and may also help in creating training programs teach employees and I.T. personnel on the proper security protocols.

Additionally, CSA’s are obligated to keep the company’s security systems updated at all times, this includes creating documentation and provisioning security related information, which includes: system recovery plans and executing external and internal examinations.

  1. Computer Forensics skills, this helps prevent crime through reliable data collection, interpretation and reporting.
  2. Reverse engineering abilities, this helps in understanding why a software does things, so that they can patch bugs or analyze malware.
  3. Great Communication Skills. The best analysts are attentive to details, and they have an analytical mindset. Interpersonal skills are vital as well; they need to teach company faculty on the security guidelines and as such they must be able to express themselves clearly.

Educational requirements, salary and general outlook!

Cybersecurity Analyst Education Requirments

A CSA has many opportunities for advancement, and they earn average, about $75,118 a year, CSA right now are ranked 7th for technology jobs, and they are ranked at 19 in terms of best S.T.E.M jobs. A CSA is expected to have a bachelors degree in computer science, computer programming, or similar-related programs to gain an entry level job. Most of the companies seeking cyber security analysts requires them to have at least one to five years of experience, on a job related to that role, like a system administrator.

Working as a CSA is difficult, but if one can succeed in this field they will be a person who can face future life obstacles with a sound mind. This job enables one to think rationally and helps one to gain great connection with people within the technological industry, it serves as a great income opportunity and a great personal experience.

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