The big companies are becoming the sweet target for the hackers. The hackers are continuously trying to steal sophisticated information form the hackers so that they can extract critical information and ask for ransomware. At times, it not about money. It’s about reputation and amazing ideas. Protecting the password in big companies is a big issue but it is often the most overlooked sector in the company.

Today we will highlight some of the most amazing ways by which you can protect the password and secure your companies portal in the most efficient way. Let’s get into the details.

Educate your employee

The first thing you should do is educate your employee. By educating your employee you will be able to reinforce your company security. Most of the time, the data breaches take place from the employee’s side since they are not well aware of the hacker’s attack. But if you spend some time and focus on the core factor of the market, you will learn a lot about IT training. In fact, big companies are holding a seminar to reinforce the security of the password in their company. Being the owner of a business company, you have to focus on such details and try to give the best possible information to the employees.

Hire a professional person

Your company might have an IT team but does the team member has a specialized person who knows the INS and OUT of password security. If not, you need to include such a person on the team. His responsibility will be to monitor the password used by the employees. A skilled person can store the user password in the encrypted medium and find any anomaly in the system without spending much time. Though some of you might think it is an extra cost that your company will carry, it is by far the best possible way you can keep your company data safe. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get a professional. So, it’s a great decision to have a team member who knows how to protect the password from hackers.

Use password manager

The employees often say using a complicated password is very hard and they often forget it. This creates unnecessary chaos and it slows down the speed of the working environment. But if you want to keep your company safe from such a problem, you can rely on the password manager. Dashlane is one of the popular password managers that can encrypt your password and protect you from the hacker’s attack. Though it might sound a little bit intimidating the password stored in the dashlane server is also encrypted. Even the team member of the dashlane don’t have access to your password. So, if you are looking for a smart solution, dashlane might be the best option.

Update your password regularly

You should impose a rule in your company that everyone should update their password quarterly. By doing so it becomes hard for hackers to penetrate the system. In fact, most of the large organizations are using this rule to protect their privacy. So, if you want to stay on the safe side, it is important that you follow this rule. But this should be done on a regular basis. Always remember, the hackers are always trying to find the weak spot. If you give them the chance, they won’t make any delay to extract the vital information. So be very careful about plan or else it will be tough to manage your security.

Use up-to-date software

Some of the big companies often forget they need to use up-to-date software. Managing the password with an old system or software is very hard. Even if you use the best software, chances are very high they hackers will use the other weak spot. For instance, if the computer has infected with spyware, the hackers can monitor the keystroke and get the password very easy. Though it will be a bit costly to have licensed software you are going to get regular bug fix in the updates. Most importantly, the software vendor is going to offer classic support.


Managing the corporation password is not that hard as it seems. If you can follow the rules mentioned in this article, you can secure your company data. Just don’t panicked and follow simple protocol and you will be safe.

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