New Videos Take CISO/Security Vendor Relationship to the Extreme

By CIO Story Staff

Operating in an overly intensive environment today’s cybersecurity professionals are the ones ultimately responsible for failed data protection initiatives, resulting in costly breaches. As such, many relentlessly strive to improve their IT security defenses with workforce education, security team training and protective product selection that augments against the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Finding the right solution is everything but a simple task. Part of what makes it difficult includes the tremendous number of security vendors that offer an infinite range of products that promise inoculation against future attacks.

Recognizing the problem is much more complex, Cynet today announced a new video series by the company as part of a larger campaign to introduce CISOs to a new vision in cybersecurity, as put forth by Cynet. The six video compilation ( focuses on very typical CISO/vendor interactions and instead, introduces a combined technology + security expert approach to cyber defense.

The video series touches on the concerns of many CISOs after dealing with the high-pressure sales tactics of cybersecurity vendors; over-hyped claims of protection; overly complex operations, and lack of automation. With each of these areas representing the pain points of many industry professionals in the security industry, Cynet is asking CISOs to re-think their approach to cyber defense.

“Our newest generation technology challenges the common misperception that cybersecurity solutions are ineffective or too complicated to leverage the benefits,” said Dori Harpaz, VP, Marketing for Cynet. “Cynet’s radical approach simplifies and converges cyber defense so organizations can quickly and easily handle cyber-attacks and remain focused on what they do best – their business.”

A more holistic cybersecurity solution compared to what is available in the market, Cynet’s Automated Breach Protection Platform protects the entire IT environment with a single integrated control screen, backed by a top System & Organizational Control (SOC) Team. The company has combined the most advanced technology and security support infrastructure so that the buck stops with Cynet. Cynet360 software leverages Sensor Fusion technology to collect all activity signals, fusing them together to unveil the true context of each activity and enforcing precise breach prevention actions.

Cynet 360 Sensor Fusion technology starts with a sensor array which monitors file activity, process activity, memory activity, network traffic and user accounts activity, looking for anomalies, fusing the results, and analyzing the findings to deliver automated precise actions that provide an order of magnitude more protection than comparable solutions or platforms. As a result, businesses are afforded with precise monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, followed by highly effective response orchestration for the highest order of breach prevention.

The Cynet 360 technology platform is complemented by the CyOps 24/7 Cyber SWAT Team at no additional charge, providing customers with the essential cybersecurity staff needed to ensure customers keep up with a fast moving threatscape. The CyOps team includes security analysts, as well as security and malware researchers whose expertise provides incident response, forensics, threat hunting and malware analysis.

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