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Not long ago, technological advancements were taking place, and digitization was favoured among the large corporations for better functioning. The large organizations were easy to adapt to these concepts quickly, but for the small and medium businesses, it was daunting. When they could come to terms with the latest changes, something new would surface. To help with these new-age problems, they then turned to IT consultants that helped them in achieving their business objectives.

Let us first find out the role of IT consultants in the building and growth of the businesses.

IT consulting is four-tiered. The first tier consists of professional services firms. They maintain the large workplaces with a loose hand on the bills.

The second tier consists of the technologists who work with the businesses on a temporary basis. The third tier is of the independent consultants who are self-employed who are generally employed by the staffing firms or even work as independent contractors.

The fourth and the last tier are of the information technology security consultants.

Our company serves as an affordable, freestanding IT department for companies that don’t have the budget for one.

Janice  Mahlmann, CEO &   Founder, August  e Tech

August eTech is an IT company that offers MSP, CIO, on-premise IT consulting, and help-desk services for small-to-medium-sized businesses and non-profits. Their 24/7/365 service can support any business or organization’s IT needs whenever they arise.

Venturing into new areas becomes difficult, mostly because before you launch the product, you have to convince the potential customers of what it’s worth. Ideating products and how they will benefit looks excellent on paper, but after you launch it, it is all a game of patience and perseverance.

Patience is the key because you have to keep pushing yourself and convince the people out there how your services will benefit them. Simultaneously it is also essential that you have a good team with you to achieve those goals and sail through.

August eTech faced similar difficulties in the initial days when forming the team. Their main challenge was attracting the right clients and building a good team.

But as said earlier, patience is the key. With patience and zeal to succeed, they were able to overcome these problems. Best quality services, coupled with good business and partner relationships, is what triggered the growth of the company. It is one pillar that has to be strong throughout the journey of the organization. From just a start-up to a more prominent organization, partner relationships help to gain trust in the product and the company.

Now, what exactly does a good client or partner relationship mean?

It is not just providing excellent services to customers. Customer relationship management is a process where, from the moment the customer becomes a partner, you put his needs above all else. This includes solving all the product related queries at any point, keeping up with the progress of the customer, and so much more.

August eTech has always worked their way by putting the needs of their customers first and developing and improving their communication channels with the customer. With this, the company is able to get their clients’ feedback and improve their services. As much as excellent service is essential, it is equally crucial that you get feedback from the clients. That way, you can always keep improvising your services.

August eTech’s Products and Services:

For small and medium-sized businesses, IT resources are limited, and day to day tasks can become overwhelming, this where August eTech comes in, they provide 24-hour monitoring, management, maintenance and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within your business. It also allows customers to save money by outsourcing IT support by providing Help Desk support, 24/7 continual proactive monitoring and response to critical issues, support for server-side applications, routine system, and infrastructure wellness checks, managed backups, and vendor management.

Another major service provided by August eTech is Chief Information Officer. This is a personal hands-on role that works directly with the C- level suite to help realize their IT goals. So, what does an August eTech Chief Information Officer do? They come alongside your company and help you navigate technology so that you can achieve your business goals efficiently. The team at August eTech will discuss and help you discern strategic goals, look at your current technology, and work to keep your budget in line and at the forefront of each solution.

August eTech’s other services include-24/7 Remote Monitoring & Managed Services, Full Network Support, Server Installs, support & maintenance, PC installs, support & maintenance, Database Programming, Disaster Prevention, Pop and Exchange (Share Point) email accounts, and Web Design and programming. As for the future, August eTech has cut down a few of their services and are focusing on the four services that form the core of the company. This includes the expansion of their cybersecurity offerings, which provides for pen testing and network scanning.

Getting Combat-Ready for the COVID-19 Crisis:

August eTech, as a company, was equipped to handle the COVID-19 lockdown. AET had existing protocol and procedure for establishing work-from-home capabilities for clients that wanted it. The AET staff began to work from home as well, and when onsite, followed CDC recommendations for essential workers and wore appropriate Personal Protection Equipment. Due to this pandemic, the number of works from home has increased. Resultantly, the security concerns for both the equipment and the employees have also increased.

August eTech is a company that has always adapted to changes making sure there is no effect on efficiency and performance. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for all, and the leaders of the company are determined to leave no stone unturned to provide their clients with the best quality services at such challenging times too!

Information technology services and solutions to match your business needs

A Resolute Architect of the Enterprise- Janice Mahlmann

Janice has worked in IT for over 25+ years now from Support Technician to Database Support Engineer, to Network Engineer to IT Department Head. As an entrepreneur for over 19 years, she believes that an entrepreneur has to lead, encourage, and support its employees while always keeping the focus on the client and growing the business.

The Work Culture

I work to help my employees achieve their career goals, says Mahlmann

The team communicates with one another on projects and issues, always spreading the knowledge around to others.

The company has had some very long-standing clients due to always thinking out of the box, keeping them up on technology, and specifically being in on C-level meetings to keep up with the companies over needs and goals.


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