Many small businesses often struggle to keep their IT expenses down; no wonder many tend to skip regular computer maintenance. Well, don’t let that be you! You ought to know that regular computer maintenance is very crucial for any business.

It can reduce your overall IT costs, keep your business running smoothly, plus it will help keep your business safe from attacks. Let us take you through some of the key computer maintenance procedures for your small business.

Install & Check Your Antivirus

It is becoming a norm to see a string of viruses and malicious programs of different complexities popping up. Many hackers are now targeting your business. This is why you need to use a strong antivirus for your small business. Without an antivirus, you are seriously exposing your data and computer system to attacks. This can have serious and costly implications for your business. So, install a good antivirus that runs regular scans to keep your computer safe. If you already have an AV, then keep checking that it is working well to keep your small business safe.

Manage Disk Space

Every computer needs enough space to run optimally. If your computer’s disk space is full, the device will tend to become slow. Your essential business applications will respond slowly or even fail. You can free up some space by getting rid of unnecessary files or just any other file you don’t need. One of the best ways to clean junk on your device is to use proper tools. If your business is running on Mac OS, then you can use a tool like Clean My Mac to clean up and manage your disk space. It is also a nice tool that can help remove any Malware that might hinder your efficacy.

Check Your Password Security

Apart from viruses, every business fights to keep their data safe from the wrong hands. Passwords have been the first line of defense for long but still a formidable solution against intrusion. You need to implement password security best practices. For example, every password to your system should have complex character combinations that are hard to guess. As a regular maintenance step, ensure you keep changing your computer passwords. 

Keep Backups

Nothing is as crucial as data in any business setup. You may not understand the magnitude of its importance until a data tragedy befalls your business. Make sure you use suitable backup drives and the cloud and to keep critical data stored on a regular basis. Do a regular check to ensure your backup spots and devices are working well.

Update Computer Software

Updates are always an improvement of the previous versions of the same software or operating system. This often includes bug fixes for the OS and better security features for applications-keep in mind that threats keep evolving and sharpening too. Ensure your computer operating system and applications are updated regularly. This way, you are shielded from system and cybersecurity issues that take advantage of bugs.

Cleaning & Ventilation

Computers generally dissipate lots of heat when running. They have an inbuilt cooling fan, but in some cases, that may not be enough. If your business computers are running hot, then it is time to add a cooling system. Dust accumulation may also reduce the cooling of your computer and even damage them. That’s why you should also clean them regularly.

Wrap up

These are just but a few computer maintenance practices essential to your business. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Keeping a check on your computers will let you save more and avoid costly glitches.

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