CTERA: Cloud Storage With Maximum Data Security & Flexibility

The IT industry is entering into a new era of cloud-enabled services where enterprises and service providers alike will spend over $100 billion on cloud infrastructure and services this year alone (IDC). Against this backdrop, CTERA Networks has identified unprecedented demand among leading service providers and enterprise IT organizations for customer-ready cloud storage solutions. CTERA’s team is led by Liran Eshel, the CEO and Co-Founder.

CTERA’s business is partner-centric to enable the greatest level of customer choice. CTERA has taken a very aggressive position on the topic of next generation cloud storage and object storage to help customers dramatically lower their total cost of IT storage.

In defining their product strategy, the organization outlined the key attributes of a Platform-First architecture that is critical to the solution today and set the foundation for their long-term product vision that includes Extensibility, Central Management and Service Delivery, Integration, and Security.

Telefonica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, wanted to offer customers a variety of solutions to support their business processes from a single platform with cloud storage infrastructure running out of Telefonica’s Spain-based datacenters.Telefonica opted for CTERA’s cloud storage platform to deliver hybrid local/cloud backup and file sync & share services. The solution comprises a cloud-side service delivery platform, on-premises cloud storage gateways, and agents for servers, laptops, and mobile devices — all manageable via the CTERA unified management interface. Thanks to CTERA’s services Telefonica was able to host the data and the metadata within Telefonica data centers and therefore, completely contain customer data within specific geographic boundaries (which is important for international regulatory compliance).

The CTERA-powered solution is rebranded to reflect Telefonica’s corporate identity, including all aspects of customer interaction on the web, PC, and mobile. Users can access and manage their shared files, backup, and accounts on the Web, using a standard browser and mobile apps.

With the CTERA solution, Telefonica was able to rapidly launch high-value services and maximize profitability, while also overcoming the performance, security, and integration challenges of connecting customers to the cloud.

CTERA wins customer satisfaction for five primary reasons. Firstly, CTERA products are broad to cover a very horizontal series of enterprise storage use that enables service providers to maximize revenue-per-user (RPU) from one offering. Secondly, their deployment flexibility enables organizations to deliver the solutions from the cloud infrastructure of their choice.

CTERA’s services deliver maximum levels of data security, where 100% of the data can be contained within a customer firewall and the customer can be the exclusive owner of their encryption keys. Fourthly, CTERA’s tools for service delivery and management are optimized for multi-national enterprises or large service providers. Finally, the company’s solutions are all white-label ready, which means that both service providers and enterprises can deploy a solution that completely supports their external or internal branding initiatives.

“With rapid market growth comes relentless innovation. We will continue to re-invent ourselves to stay ahead of the market and in touch with the demands of our customers today and tomorrow,” says Eshel.

Earlier this year, CTERA marked the shipment of our 30,000th cloud storage gateway, and their end-customer base has tripled in 2013. “As for the road ahead, we intend to reshape the future of cloud storage at a time when the market is searching for new tools to help organizations sync, serve, protect, and manage data all over the world,” concludes Eshel.


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