CorePlus: Focused on a Unified and Agnostic Approach to the Cloud

In a recent IBM CIO survey the number of CIOs mentioning cloud computing as a crucial technology jumped to 64% in 2014 versus some 30% who characterized the technology as crucial in 2009. Established in 2006 by Marc Landry (CEO) and Jason Lamb (CTO), CorePLUS is a cloud technology company headquartered in Dallas, TX and has established a global presence.

“Today the challenge faced by industry CIOs/CTOs is the implementation of a myriad of services/applications that run across heterogeneous environments,” observed Marc.

CorePLUS addresses these complexities by simplifying the management with a unified platform for the entire compute environment whether on premise or not, the application delivery and aggregation of ALL the software requirements, and providing true mobility for all users.

Speaking about the strategy followed to stay ahead in the industry Jason said, “CorePLUS has always embraced innovation and continually focuses on helping companies move their business to the cloud by simplifying the complexity in order to save money and increase productivity.”

The CorePLUS CAMP (“Cloud Application and Management Platform”) technology provides infrastructure, provisioning, management and computing services to companies of all sizes; allowing them to cost effectively move to the cloud for all their computing needs.

Businesses want the end Cloud product offering to include ALL of their IT needs not just a select few. This has been severely underestimated and a confusing aspect for service providers and been a primary reason for slower cloud adoption for them.

CorePLUS has always embraced innovation and continually focuses on helping companies move their business to the cloud by simplifying the complexity in order to save money and increase productivity

The flexibility is a key differentiator for CorePLUS. Elaborating a case study that brought benefits to one of its clients Marc said, “In the case of GM, they were looking for a solution that could help them manage their national marketing programs on a local basis though each dealer. If you came in to test drive a car, you would be given a gift card to use at your local hardware store or sunglass shop.”

They wanted to launch the program nationally be able to track it and enable the local dealer to offer the promotion, collect the information and integrate with their local CRM and track it back at corporate. This was a seasonal and regional promotion that required the ability to spin up an environment when and where it was needed and turn it off when it was not running.

CorePLUS enabled the flexibility for corporate and the local dealer to both get the information they wanted and the compute resources and the various applications turned up only as needed. CorePLUS enabled the resource aggregation and application/s delivery without interruption to the end-user via mobile or tablet, to the dealer along with their CRM, and to corporate to retrieve the information they wanted. CorePLUS provided on demand scalability with a “pay as you go” model.

Functionality is key but with it there is alignment on the management and delivery of ALL the applications and compute requirements with a focus on the ease of use. CorePLUS always designs and offers its products from the perspective of “keeping the end user in mind”, whereas our competitors focus on selling products to you first, the build it and they will come model. This is an expensive approach and often the wrong solution for delivering everything the end user wants in an aggregated fashion.

Scale up and scale out in dynamic fashion, being truly agnostic at every layer and provide a dynamic end user experience that adapts to their current environment as well as provides them with a roadmap and flexibility for future expansion is what it takes to be relevant,” concluded Jason.


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