CogniByte – Providing Synergistic Big Data Solutions

Even though cloud computing has emerged as a great solution for data management for global corporations, managing the huge amount of data clusters still remains a big challenge. Big Data platform like Hadoop, NoSQL, and Search offer vivid solution to customers needs related to data mining in the Big Data environment. CogniByte provides innovative solutions to seamlessly mine these Big Data platform to extract business critical data.

CogniByte’s mission is to democratize data science and enable its clients to seamlessly navigate the complexities of Big Data mitigating any delta in mining skills leveraging its intuitive user interface for structured data mining.

CogniByte comprises of highly skilled, hands-on data scientists; big data architects and engineers to accelerate custom analytical modeling, advanced statistics and machine learning algorithm based Big Data Solutions across industry verticals. CogniByte aims to empower its users with its simplified workflow based user interface for advanced data analytics and accelerate value by providing simple to use and highly scalable cloud compliant platforms for data mining in multiple clusters.

Big players in the digital media domain rely on CogniByte solutions to fully utilize the advantages of data mining for optimizing its programmatic ads. With its envisioned solutions employing big data technologies and advanced analytic techniques, CogniByte enables providers the ability to capture customer viewing behavior real-time and air relevant targeted ads based on customer viewing pattern. This has improved ad-conversion ratio: The advertisers can spend marketing dollars with confidence and high awareness driven by analytics. CogniByte partnered with an educational academy where kids learn hands-on data science skills targeting real-life relevant use cases formulated to reinforce key concepts.

In the coming years, CogniByte will continue building cutting edge innovative solutions for its clients. Having satisfied customers who witness empowerment of their workforce embracing CogniByte’s solutions will be the most rewarding aspect of doing innovative business. CogniByte will offer best in class features, functionality and integration to ease its customer’s journey to monetize open source innovation. CogniByte plans to accelerate its growth by providing software that is simplified with more added features and solutions that accelerate instant value gain for its customers. CogniByte will partner with key vendors in the ecosystem to provide maximum benefits to its customers. Innovative software vendors & their services solutions can be built in partnership with clients and other software partners in the ecosystem as opposed to a silo. This will be key factor in developing cutting edge innovative solutions.

Technology plays an important role in differentiating great companies with the rest. Only companies that have embraced technology ahead of the herd have enjoyed significant competitive advantage over others. CogniByte believes in embracing technology by updating business process with latest technology and build innovative solutions that can impact various customer requirements. CogniByte will focus on adapting to the dynamic business environments and evolve with the latest business models. This is made possible by hypothetically testing around critical customers, competition and market conditions.

Big Data is moving beyond buzz and TCO centric pilots. Companies across verticals are adopting Big Data as a game changer to disrupt their traditional revenue acquisition modes whether it be the Media/Advertising space or Retail with adoption of iBeacons as a way to entice prospects with real time offers or Healthcare ecosystem mining sensor data (wearable’s, equipment, etc) to improve patient care. This growing trend across verticals where mining & monetization is a consistent area of focus squarely aligns with our mission to make a tangible difference for clients undertaking this game changing journey.


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