CloudOne: Indiana’s fastest-growing IT company

Almost all companies are redeveloping their offerings for IoT, but new generation IoT platforms require companies to abandon what they own to rip and replace, throwing out generations of knowledge and data, and public platforms are too insecure for most industries. Unlike other IoT platforms that require you to abandon everything you have already built and forgo the technology and software you already own, CloudOne takes the software that you are already using and pre-integrates your software, your data and your configurations into your own platform for IoT and gives it back to you as a managed service. Your company’s custom platform is engineered to connect you to the next generation of services and software so that you can develop, test, manage, share, and analyze like never before to make smarter products with competitive edge.

The CloudOne IoT Platform brings together a wide range of technologies, hardware, sensors, devices, apps, telematics, data, analytics, end-to-end app modeling, and flexible connectivity to the cloud to create your own IoT platform delivered back to you as a managed service. John McDonald is CEO of CloudOne, a pioneer of SaaS, managed services, and virtual private cloud delivery of IBM and partner software products, helping companies make their things for the Internet of Things.

Then what sets the company apart from its competitors? CloudOne creates and operates secure, private IoT platforms using existing systems and data, including embedded software development, business integration, factory operations, and big data analytics. Enterprises leverage all of what they already do, while getting the scaling and consumption advantages of SaaS. Other key differentiators include: CloudOne’s depth of skill with the top tools in the IoT maker marketplace, combined with years of specialized industry experience with Fortune 500 win implementation deals over generic providers

Transportation, Smart Supply Chain, Medical, Smart Services Sector, Environmental, Smart City- Customers in these industries use CloudOne because they understand the importance of using a technology platform to handle the security, scale, and business system integration challenges that are uniform across each industry. Only an integrated platform like CloudOne IoT Platform can provide the traceability, visibility, shared control and the ability to react quickly for complex software development, testing and deployment processes. CloudOne allows customers in these industries to do what they do best- while CloudOne creates and manages their IoT platform for them. Cummins, Panasonic Automotive, Whirlpool, Chamberlain, McDonald’s, Shell, Hilton and Lenovo are some of the major clients of CloudOne.

CloudOne operates the world’s largest software-based telemetry analytics solution for Cummins Engine, into which tens of thousands of data packets from engines all over the world are analyzed live for trends and issues, with results fed back to development and to production factories for action. They also operate the global development environment for Panasonic Automotive, connecting over 1,600 developers in 4 continents to one single set of code used in all of their infotainment systems supplied to most of the world’s car manufacturers-something they also do for the #2 producer of infotainment systems, Harmon Electronics.


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