CloudCodes was founded in the year 2011 with a lot of focus aimed at customer interaction and taking into consideration their feedback, in order to build the innovative and agile solutions possible for their cloud servers. The most prominent problem that existed at the time of their inception was that related to the inability of organizations to control access to G Suite outside the office, as cloud applications come with the feature of allowing data access from anywhere and anytime. After much research and interaction with customers, it came to light that this was a common problem related to regulatory compliance across several verticals. With all of their customer shortcomings listed down, CloudCodes went on to build a solution that completely complemented their existing Google Apps/G Suite.

Over the years of their existence, CloudCodes has given a lot of attention to securing businesses’ data on the cloud. The challenges here that mid to large enterprises are usually prone to facing involve data security, regulatory requirements and compliance while transitioning to cloud. This is more prominent in the case of some industry verticals, wherein certain security controls have become mandatory before moving their enterprise data to the cloud. In most situations, the amount of control that is provided by the cloud service provider is of the bare minimum, leaving the client organizations wishing for more. CloudCodes works towards helping these organizations overcoming these shortcomings. They add a layer of security through its Cloud Security Platform to overcome these challenges. This layer of security ensures that concerns such as granular access control, compliance policies or enterprise policies are implemented uniformly on various cloud applications.

“Cyber Security has become a challenge for all types of business, who are on internet in any form. It is very ironic that only after a firm is impacted by a cyber threat, they understand how vulnerable they were. To address this challenge, we have built flexible solutions to fit requirements of any business, small or large”

CloudCodes for Business aims at taking care of multiple cloud security solutions as a single platform or console with integrated solutions. This way, enterprises do not see the need for investing in multiple consoles. CloudCodes notes that there is a general trend in which organizations often realize the importance of cyber security only after they are impacted by a cyber threat. It is a well-known fact that all firms, small or large, are equally prone to the challenges posed by cyber threats. Another common trend that is seen is that there is more maturity and understanding with regard to cyber security and its impacts in the United States than the same in Asian countries.

One of the instances, wherein CloudCodes came to the aid of an organization, was with one of the leading Non-Banking Financial firms in India. This organization had Access Control as their biggest concern while moving their data to the cloud. CloudCodes for Business assisted them greatly in successfully moving their existing system to the cloud. The solution not only allowed them to take care of regulatory compliances related to Access Control but also helped them overcome their DLP (Data Loss Prevention), malware protection, phishing control and Shadow IT challenges which were specific to cloud applications.

CloudCodes offers multiple solutions like Single Sign On (SSO), Identity Management, Access Control, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Shadow IT and other security controls. CloudCodes currently has a SaaS based platform hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. The organization’s technology stack is a mix of proprietary, open source, and third party integrations. CloudCodes has a patent pending in the United States related to restricting apps within organization premises.

Other salient feature that CloudCodes has on offer include out-of-the-box support for Single Sign On with multiple cloud applications, Access Control policies based on IP, Geo-Location, Time, Browser and Device for all cloud applications, anti-phishing control to reduce phishing attack, malware detection on cloud storage, real-time agent-based Shadow IT for enterprises and Identity Access Management. CloudCodes is enroute to becoming a comprehensive platform for organizations to secure their enterprise applications. In order to achieve this, the organization is in the process of adding MDM, Malware Protection, Anti-Phishing, Predictive Analytics and other security controls within the solution.

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