Cloudastructure: Providers of Leading-edge Technology

Cloudastructure provides leading-edge technology for cloud-controlled infrastructure, which delivers an integrated physical security solution comprising of Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) along with a wide range of connected IoT sensors. Their cloud-based security infrastructure and out-of-the-box solutions let them deliver their services to different regions of the world as they require minimum implementation effort and IT support.

The expert team at Cloudastructure is led by Rick Bentley. Rick has over 20 years of Silicon Valley startup and technology experience. He was founder and CEO of Televoke Inc. (which became deCarta, bought by Uber) where he raised eight figures of Venture Capital. Bentley has been a full-time advisor to Google X

  1. Cloudastructure’s key offerings include: –
    Cloudastructure Cloud Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is a cloud-based video security system that allows users to remotely manage the recording, storage, viewing, and monitoring of surveillance video from an offsite location. It eliminates the need for an on-site system to process and manage video footage, thereby significantly reducing the infrastructure burden and maintenance issues faced by the facility managers. The Cloudastructure VSaaS simply integrates the cameras installed at various locations with the hosting infrastructure to deliver data to the cloud. This means the video feed is streamed in real-time to a central management facility over the internet. The streaming can be smartly triggered via motion sensors or scheduled periodically to capture only the important pieces of video footage.
  2. Cloudastructure Cloud Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) – Built on the principle of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), the Cloudastructure ACaaS provides real-time monitoring, management, and control of your access control systems from a convenient location on your PC or even your mobile phone, with no additional software to install. The system can be deployed for a single door at one location to multiple doors in geographically distributed locations. And, the access rights for each door can be configured separately to allow access only to the designated staff. The system is apt in case you have a mobile workforce with high turnover as it allows seamless change of users and their access rights across any or all buildings.
  3. Cloudastructure SmartKey – Cloudastructure SmartKey is the new mobile-based access control solution that puts the key to your doors on your smartphone and allows you to use your smartphone to unlock the doors that you are standing in front of or any of the doors that you have permissions for remotely.

It offers many significant advantages to the users, including:

Remote Access – Unlocking doors remotely for temporary/field staff from anywhere, anytime, via your smartphone.
Faster Configuration – Makes changes to access privileges seamlessly, add/retract credentials within seconds.
Cost-effective – No need to spend anything extra on physical access cards and badges or waste time managing them.
Secure and Reliable – Easily revoke credentials and deploy for convenience and high security with multi-factor biometric authentication.

The key factors that make them unique as a cloud-based physical security services provider are

  1. Integrated video surveillance and access control systems.
    The physical security infrastructure comprises of two essential components that go hand in hand – Video Surveillance and Physical Access Control. Often the two systems need to exchange data to help the property managers make informed decisions. Many service providers in the market offer them as stand-alone or disparate systems, which create complex integration needs along with operational inefficiencies and security lags. Cloudastructure realized this market gap and thus offers a platform that has both VSaaS and ACaaS built-in as seamlessly integrated solutions. This allows organizations to feed the data that comes from one system to the other and leverage smart insights that emerge. For example, from your camera viewer screen, you can press a button to open the door next to the camera.
  2. Scale and Stability – The system is adept at catering to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the large conglomerates. The scale of operations it offers is unparalleled in the industry. The system is also extremely stable, handling hundreds of users, doors, and cameras. This is a rare combination to have and one that gives Cloudastructure a competitive edge.

Benefits to the Clients

For a large public utility in Texas, Cloudastructure has delivered a solution for remotely unlocking equipment yards. Earlier, anytime a maintenance truck needed supplies, the yard managers had to drive up and unlock the doors for the trucks to procure the equipment needed for completing the job. With Cloudastructure’s physical security solution, the yard manager, after ascertaining the credentials (supported by video surveillance feeds), can unlock the doors while remotely monitoring the equipment that is loaded on the trucks.

Cloudastructure has helped its customers scale their physical security infrastructure as they grow geographically into multiple locations. For one of our Silicon Valley startup customers, who are pioneers of a cold-press juicing system and are expanding with an aggressive solution footprint from just the front door of their San Francisco office a year ago, to multiple locations including a LEED-certified plant facility in southern California, the Cloudastructure physical security solutions have seamlessly scaled and evolved to meet their requirements. The integrated, cloud-based solutions from Cloudastructure offer a seamless, scalable physical security system that allows users to add new facilities, doors, cameras, and other devices without installing new systems at each location.

Cloudastructure has a very open culture within their organization. They empower all their employees to act as entrepreneurs and take their own decisions to better the company. This creates a breeding ground for ideas and innovation, the two ethe that drives Cloudastructure.
The innovation in their products stems from their diverse pool of talented people from different backgrounds, working together on something in which they truly believe.

They do weekly brainstorming calls with staff from all departments and functions. These calls are meant to discuss not only the progress made within each department but also path-breaking ideas and innovation. The company makes it a point to devote time to discussing how they can make Cloudastructure stand out among the competition.
Cloudastructure is on an aggressive growth path. Using digital marketing and search-based marketing, they have generated market interest, winning notable customers like large universities, large utility companies, multi-site buildings, and campuses. This has been instrumental in doubling its revenue stream over the last six months.
It has also gained the attention of the market incubators and accelerators like Highway1 and Alchemist, besides receiving new funding from venture capitalists like Root VC.

Cloudastructure is a forward-looking company that believes
challenging the status quo always

Cloudastructure has also attracted attention from key channel partners doing billions of dollars in business, installing state-of-the-art electrical infrastructure, managing automation projects, and installing security systems in large building complexes like airports, retail stores, and university campuses.
Over the last six months, it has also engaged with key partners in Singapore, India, Canada, France, and various countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Cloudastructure is a forward-looking company that believes in challenging the status quo always. This is also reflected in the way it has designed its products and is constantly introducing innovations. It regularly makes its employees interact with the industry leaders and influencers to make them understand how the market is shaping up.

Cloudastructure has recently gone ahead and forged an advisory board that comprises key influencers and thought leaders from the industry. This will further help it to stay one step ahead in this rapidly changing market.

Road Map
The company is focused on three key focus areas: scaling revenue stream by scaling into enterprise markets, delivering high value integrated technology solutions for the customer by leveraging analytics and machine learning capabilities, and finally, delivering a mobile-based platform for the next generation physical security solutions.

Scaling into the Enterprise Markets:
The enterprise market for video surveillance and physical access control is predominantly serviced by managed service providers using solutions from traditional suppliers like Honeywell and Tyco Systems—usually with a very high cost of ownership for the customer. The company is looking to scale its customer acquisition effort for its cloud-based physical security solutions utilizing latest generation cloud and IoT technologies to deliver enterprise solutions tailored for industry-specific use cases.

The Integration of Cloud-based Video Surveillance and Access Control
Synergies from the integration of cloud-based physical security technologies, along with intelligent analytics and machine learning are yet to be harvested by the customers and markets in general. With the integration of all data and logs, events, and status of various networked devices in a Cloudastructure IoT framework, value added analytics solutions could be delivered. For example, if a door opens without an associated card scan on the outside reader or no motion noted on the inside, then it constitutes an “unauthorized forced entry” and appropriate alerts can be sent by emails or directly to specific mobile devices. Analytics and machine learning can also be used to develop facial recognition capabilities for dual authentication by capturing facial images from the camera every time the card-based credentials are scanned in at the reader. The system can learn all different facial configurations—beard/no-beard, makeup/no-make up, night/day, and so on.

Mobile-based Physical Security Solutions
Mobile devices have clearly emerged as the default devices for the convergence of all the technologies driving automation. They realized the market trend toward delivering physical security on mobile platforms and even using mobile devices as credentials. They have already announced Cloudastructure Smartkey, which allows you to remotely unlock doors, manage credentials, and access privileges for all users and groups of users seamlessly from your smartphone. They are focused on delivering an integrated mobile solution that allows device-agnostic access to video surveillance feeds as well as access credentials management. They are expected to announce new enhancements and releases in early 2017.


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