Cloud9Ortho: Delivering Cloud Solutions that transform the Small Healthcare Practice

Cloud computing encompasses a lot of different areas of ITIL. Headquartered in the United States, Cloud9Ortho is focused on providing web applications that provide tools to manage virtually all aspects of small-to-medium dental specialty practices, specifically Orthodontics.

Because most orthodontists have multiple offices to service wide geographical areas, and because there is a lot of consolidation into larger practices to bear the burdens imposed on healthcare practices, cloud software lends itself better to the distributed needs of these practices. Additionally, these small to medium healthcare practices are typically unable to employ IT staff members to install and maintain costly servers. Cloud9Ortho helps to alleviate the need for those servers. Most orthodontists act, without being properly trained, as the CIO of their practice.

Reid Simmons, Founder and CEO, Cloud9Ortho
Reid Simmons, Founder and CEO, Cloud9Ortho

Cloud9Ortho help to reduce the complexity of their ITIL by providing cloud software that addresses those IT needs at a substantially reduced TCO. The two founders/CEOs of Cloud9Ortho in its early years have been Ken Swinney and Reid Simmons. Both Ken and Reid have decades of experience providing practice management solutions for dental specialty practices. Having both built successful (and often competing) practice management software companies, Reid and Ken came together, combining their valuable experience in Cloud9Ortho.

Cloud9Ortho’s flagship web application was launched in 2010, even before “the cloud” had gained traction in the minds of consumers (through such offerings as Apple iCloud). Their purpose as a company has been to deliver cloud solutions that transform the difficult landscape of IT for the small healthcare practice.

“We have been very successful evangelizing the benefits and need for cloud solutions. The strategy that has been key for our success is that we are not attempting to re-brand or “cloudwash” a legacy client/server solution as a cloud application,” said Reid.

Taking about the other key strategy Ken said, “We started with applications that are delivered as web applications tailored specifically to the needs of small healthcare practices. Another key strategy for us has been our focus on excellent customer service. Our customers have consistently ranked our service at the top in our industry.”

Cloud9Ortho’s customers have shaped our products in substantial ways. One example of this is their Data Miner module, which allows their customers to answer questions about their practice with a very simple query interface. If Cloud9Ortho does not have a specific report to answer their questions, customers are able to get the answers they need by using Cloud9Ortho’s Data Miner.

Dr John Conroy, in Weathersfield, CT is one of the clients who benefited from the service provided by the company. He is now saving $3,000 per month in IT costs after moving to Cloud9Ortho.

We hear from customers and prospects that our solutions compare very favorably against our competitors, even though we have been in the market for such a short time. Being a cloud solution has helped us tremendously in our ability to innovate quickly and deliver those solutions to our customers efficiently and quickly,” said Reid.

Talking about the customer satisfying factors Ken said, “We have to continue to obsolete ourselves. An example of this is our HTML5 initiative, ensuring that our future products operate effectively on virtually all web platforms, including PCs, Macs, Tablets, and other mobile platforms. We are also continuing to improve our integration with 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) systems, ensuring that we support very well the future of cutting-edge diagnostic imaging.”


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