Why Cloud POS Systems Is So Famous?

Cloud POS Systems – A Primer

A cloud POS or cPOS is built to pull data seamlessly from remote servers. This translates to no more dependence on local physical servers(nearby servers) for your precious database. A sound internet connection and you are good to go! Apart from basic functions such as printing KOTs or billing receipts against orders, cPOS has the ability to perform advanced functions such as Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Loyalty Management, and Inventory management.

cPOS is more like a central system and pivotal for your restaurants smooth functioning and day-to-day operations, rather than just being a KOT and invoice printer.

So which one’s better? Traditional POS or Cloud POS?

A cloud POS is bound to make the traditional POS system obsolete with its features which enable it to make the restaurant management process all the more efficient.

Improved Security = less upkeep and Continuous Real-time Updates

A cPOS allows you to put away your worries of frequently having to update your POS as the updates happen real-time automatically (OTA updates). Data is stored on the cloud so it is safer than physical servers.

Remote Accessibility

As the data gets stored in the cloud, it becomes possible to access it from any remote location. So being a manager it gets far easier to check up your restaurant analytics such as orders, employee clock-in details, and other information. The need to be physically present on-site gets completely vanquished. Again, just a sound internet connection is sufficient.

Work offline as if online!

Most cloud POS systems have the advantage of working offline without losing any data (transactional and non-transactional) as data gets automatically stored in the cache of your browser and gets synced up as soon as you go online. Transactions made offline won’t go off the radar anymore.


In addition to being a no-maintenance costs needed solution, a cloud POS system allows customers the ease of easy monthly payments instead of heavy-upfront down-payments. Economical is the word here.

Completely Integrated Systems

A simplified version of a cluster of all your restaurant software such as loyalty management, online ordering, payment management seamlessly integrated into one platform for a better operating experience.

Hardware tied, no more

As the world progressively becomes mobile, it is significant for restaurants to deploy solutions which are transferable to any and every device, in turn making remote operations a breeze rather than a hassle.

What’s more, restaurant managers and staff can even install this POS on their mobile or tablet as an application! Order punching is swiftly done and frequent trips to a bulky console are saved (including your time).

Our Verdict?

Its a no-brainer really, going for a cloud POS is the right choice for your restaurant if you are looking to shift to better operations and resultant higher margins in the long-run. Nevertheless, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of a cloud POS and a traditional POS before settling for a particular solution.

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