Cloud of Things Ltd: Future-proof IoT for home appliance manufacturers

Cloud of Things is a mature IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) that provides future-proof end-to-end solutions for consumer electronics brands and device manufacturers. The Cloud of Things offering includes a device connectivity module (or firmware), an IoT cloud infrastructure and an automatically-generated mobile control application – covering all aspects of a complete IoT solution.

Most home appliance manufacturers want to offer IoT capabilities in their products, but are struggling to select the path to get there. The emergence of several competing standards for IoT forces them to be bound forever to a specific standard – which is always a gamble. Additionally, building an IoT solution requires knowledge in numerous technology stacks, a lot of time and significant expense. Most IoT platform vendors force them to use a public cloud to store consumer information which raises security and data-governance concerns.

Cloud of Things solves these problems by providing future-proof end-to-end solutions that have intrinsic support for multiple IoT standards. The Cloud of Things device firmware is a “plug and play” module that supports multiple hardware architectures, and provides support for industry-leading IoT standards such as AllJoyn™ and IoTivity™ in a single WiFi module. The ability of the module to be updated over the air (OTA) provides a future-proof solution in terms of IoT standards support.

The cloud platform is built from the ground up using Docker®, enabling superior security, automatic version updates and flexibility in deployment. You can use Cloud of Things’ public cloud but also install the platform on your private cloud with a click of a button. Docker® applications are built from micro-services with strict separation between layers of the solution thus enabling superior security for your data.

The company’s mobile control-application generator creates a ready-to-compile skeleton of a PhoneGap/Apache Cordova™ based mobile application. The generated source code can be used to compile Android, iOS and Windows ready-to-publish applications.Cloud of Things has an illustrious clientele which includes a large ISP – energy efficiency solution, an automotive device manufacturer – mobile-operated car alarm, a home water-heating device manufacturer and more.

There are some elements which set the company apart from its competitors. The versatile multi-standard IoT device firmware, the fact that it uses Docker® to provide multiple security separation layers in the platform’s cloud, the utilization of proximal network technologies inside the home that provides a robust solution for home appliance users and the flexibility of cloud installation that allows easy regulatory-constrained deployments.
Cloud of Things has been working with a leading water-heating home device manufacturer to build a complete, end-to-end solution extremely quickly.

Requirements for the solution included – storing sensitive consumer information separately from other companies in multiple countries, the ability to operate the solution even when internet connectivity is down at the consumer’s house, the ability to interoperate with standardized IoT control panels to control the application, including TVs, mobile apps and public web-sites. The Cloud of Things solution solves all these problems from the box, providing an unbeatable time-to-market.

Cloud of Things plans to continue to lead in providing a mature, future-proof, end-to-end solution for electric consumer device manufacturers. Roadmap includes expanding the IoT standards support and providing a gateway solution for customers who want operate a separate IoT gateway at the consumer’s house.


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