CliQr: Addressing Dynamic Customer Issues And Problems

Cloud computing is proving itself to be one of the biggest shifts in Information Technology (IT) since the Internet. Over the last four years, cloud computing has rapidly evolved from being viewed with fear and skepticism in a period of experimentation and great debate over which cloud to use – private or public- to today, when enterprises have come to realize that cloud computing is all about hybrid clouds.

Headquartered in the United States and led by Co-founder and CEO Gaurav Manglik, CliQr provides an intuitive migration and runtime management platform that delivers visibility and control of one or more applications on one or more clouds.

CliQr is designed to deliver four key requirements needed to fully deploy and effectively manage these very unique hybrid cloud environments. These include:

Full Lifecycle Management: The ability to migrate, manage, and govern a broad spectrum of applications across a variety of clouds and users.
Cloud Independence : CliQr’s patented orchestration technology allows applications, images, and containers to be portably deployed across any CliQr-supported private or public cloud.

Enterprise Class: CliQr delivers important features required by businesses to use the cloud in real-world business environments including integrated data and network security, multi-tenancy, high scalability and availability, and simple integration into existing tools and processes.

Fast Time-to-Value: Companies are tired of creating cloud solutions from a collection of point solution providers that are glued together with expensive services engagements. CliQr brings together everything needed to start simply and scale to complex solutions using a single platform that has a logical and sequential set of services. No more services experiments. Everything you need is in one place.

CliQr continuously provides functionality based on customer and market demand. A good example of this is inter- and intra-cloud software release lifecycle management, allowing the automatic placement of different versions of applications across the most appropriate cloud or on-premise environment.

Whether companies are just onboarding to the cloud or have complex cloud environments, CliQr allows enterprises to efficiently manage any combinations of clouds, applications, and users in a complete, intuitive platform.

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), for example, operates more than 90 research and patient care centers, and is the only private medical school in the Southwestern United States. Located in Houston, BCM is recognized as a premier health sciences university and is known for excellence in education, research, and patient care.

Shadow IT among research teams at BCM was rampant as each team was not using grant money efficiently across the organization.To solve this problem, BCM IT extended CliQr using REST APIs to create an IT-as-a-Service solution.Now, research teams get on-demand self-service provisioning on an internal private cloud based on Cisco UCS Director and VMware. BCM IT can now control costs and enforce lifecycle management centrally, and alsogive research teams the flexibility they need.

Supported by world-class investorssuch as Google Ventures, influential technology and reseller partners around the globe, CliQr’s patented CloudCenter ™ solution continues to penetrate the cloud market by solving real customer problems and using their experiences to articulate the strength of the CliQr platform.


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