ClearFunnel, LLC: Removing Risk with Innovative Subscription Model

In the current times, all technology options available to customers for executing their Big Data projects are highly complex in terms of several moving parts, long timelines and big budgets, while providing only minimal guarantees for meeting the expected outcomes. It is no secret that a majority of Big Data investments and projects fail to realize their goals. Add to this the exorbitant costs of a real-world Big Data project owing to the technology and Data Science talent, hardware and software infrastructure etc., and we have a major problem on our plate. Often, by the time all the challenges of a Big Data project are overcome and a solution is deployed, several assumptions including some of the input data sources of the business case and also a few of the technology components of that Big Data solution become obsolete. ClearFunnel has innovatively addressed the problem of both – risk and cost with a first-of-a-kind, subscription based “Big Data Solutions as-a-service”.

Thanks to the experience of the company’s founders in executing large-scale and complex Big Data programs for Fortune 500 clients, ClearFunnel has pioneered, created and operationalized the end-to-end Big Data solutions as-a-service model based on flat, subscription fee pricing. The team’s collective experience in Big Data spans across clients in Digital Marketing, Parks & Resorts, Travel & Hospitality, Retail, Credit Rating, Healthcare, Legal and Risk Information services, and Insurance Industries. The various use cases include Marketing Analytics, Healthcare and Genome Analytics, Social Media Analytics, App Analytics, and Guest (Customer) Experience Analytics to name a few.

Customers prefer to opt for the services provided by ClearFunnel due to the drastically reduced time taken to launch Big Data solutions, slashed costs, a 100% success rate, and the reduction in technology complexity and project risk elements associated with Big Data solutions. It was the aforementioned factors that aided ClearFunnel in deploying and operating a Big Data back-end solution for a Targeted Marketing Data provider to scale targeting and personalization analytics from Terabytes of intent marketing and social data. Similarly, the organization has also provided advanced analytics and reporting services to power complex analysis across LinkedIn and web analytics data for hyper-personalized targeting of B2B leads. In all such cases, the client only pays for using the final, tested solution and there is no cost for solutions that do not meet the expected outcomes. Hence, there is a zero risk for the client to use the Big Data solution as-a-service. The most attractive feature of ClearFunnel’s service is of course its incredible price point and the unique advantage for the customers to move from large CapEx of Big Data programs to low, predictable OpEx of subscription fee model. A typical solution on their platform costs only a few hundred Dollars per day in subscription fee. This, the company claims, is unmatched by any existing approach to Big Data projects.

As of now, ClearFunnel is well positioned to accelerate its trajectory in the coming months for continuing to drive profitable growth in the core area of Big Data Analytics. The company plans to continue to invest in additional capabilities (organically as well as inorganically) to leverage the best and the latest developments in the field of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Cloud Management, DevOps, Real Time Big Data Solutions, and In-Memory, Columnar, and NoSQL Databases. Additionally, the Solution as-a-service landscape provides ample avenues to gradually expand their service offering to other functional areas where domain-specific turnkey solutions can be provided on subscription basis. These refer to Master Data Management, Reference Data Management, Yield Management, etc. ClearFunnel is currently also partnering with companies building Genome Sequencing products and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions – both these types of use cases are prime candidates to leverage ClearFunnel’s reliable, secured, and economical Big Data Solution as-a-service offering.


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