Cirro: Enabling Enterprise Data Lakes

The “Data Lake” concept is rapidly emerging as a major component of corporate analytic and data warehousing strategies. No one debates the fact that today companies of all sizes are drowning in data. Aside from the rising tide in traditional data volumes, organizations must now contend with an ever-increasing amount of new data sources and types that, in many cases, are both unstructured and semi-structured.

The Data Lake strategy represents a low-cost alternative to the exploding storage costs of traditional platforms many organizations face. Data Lakes are an excellent strategy to ‘deposit data’, especially semi-structured and unstructured data, when an organization is determining how to access and analyze their data at a later time.

However, the promise of unrealized value hidden within Data Lakes remains an elusive goal for many organizations. At Cirro™, we believe the Data Lake is not a single destination for data, but rather an overall extension of the analytics data ecosystem of a company that must be able to interoperate with other data sources to support a data-driven enterprise.

By making all data equally accessible, Cirro solves the most significant challenge facing businesses today – a single point-of-access for Big Data exploration, integration and analysis. Cirro seamlessly incorporates Data Lakes, SaaS, NoSQL and traditional data sources to enable self-service data exploration and analysis previously unavailable in the marketplace. All without the cost, overhead and time of traditional ETL and data virtualization approaches.

Integrating Data Lakes with Data Silos
Previous attempts over the years to centralize all data into one physical location have been largely unsuccessful. The reasons for this lack of success are numerous.
While Data Lakes are clearly a cost effective solution for storing large volumes and multiple types of data, they will not be the only place where data for analytics is stored. In many ways, it is easy to get data into the lake; yet, the real challenge is in getting meaningful data out of the lake and being able to combine it with other sources of data that provide context.

The Cirro Approach
Cirro is built with the goal of liberating non-technical analysts from IT to derive value from all data; whether in a Data Lake, Cloud, or traditional sources. It can be deployed in a public or private cloud or directly on a server. This deployment flexibility affords organizations options for implementing Cirro across disparate systems, regardless of the platform, using their existing skills and analytic investments.

Speaking about the key factors that differentiate the company from others Mark Theissen, Cirro CEO, says, “Cirro’s peer-to-peer federated processing technology delivers the fastest analytics possible across disparate data silos. So whether data is in a Data Lake or traditional data silos, Cirro makes it easy to ask questions you couldn’t ask before delivering the fastest time to value. Coupled with our strong partner ecosystem, including GE, Deloitte, Accenture, Horton works, Cloudera, Tibco and Tableau, allows us to enable on-demand analysis across all data sources.

Cirro’s single point of entry for accessing data of any type on any platform in any environment essentially integrates the Data Lake to the enterprise making it as accessible as any other data source without requiring special tools or skills.


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