Cerno Technologies: Understanding The Demands of Today’s Business Enjoinments Across The Globe

Cloud computing is gaining momentum in terms of companies experimenting and partially adopting cloud solutions. Headquartered in the New York City, Cerno has developed several solutions based on the specific needs of customers. Cerno employs robust data encryption for data in transit and at rest as a standard offering. They uniquely offer military grade security for customers who need it. The team is led by the Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Chadha.

“At Cerno Technologies we have been embracing progression of the cloud from the get go. From the beginning it was important for us to educate our customers on the various options of cloud based solutions,” said Sanjay Chadha.

The company has provided major traction in addressing the two greatest customer needs.

  1. User Experience: Customers want the user experience to be as smooth as possible and
  2. Security: Our clients need and demand confidence in the confidentiality and security around cloud based solutions. Cerno has customized solutions to address the specific needs of their customers.

Cerno technologies develop solutions that meet specific challenges and needs of their customers. Cerno’s multinational clients have specific requirements as to where and how they can storeand share data. Cerno has cloud storage and security in different continents to meet the regulatory requirements of clients. Similarly the experts at Cerno have developed a mobile platform app that is integrated into the customer’s legacy system and stored in the cloud to facilitate the solutions without incurring significant cost.

Elaborating a case study that helped one of their customers Sanjay said, “One of our customers is holding a World Super Model Pageant in Fiji this year with contestants from approximately 30 different countries participating. Our solutions have allowed them to work seamlessly in the cloud with all their partners while providing up-to-date data available in real-time.”

Further, the client had the novel idea to create a People’s choice winner category. The experts at Cerno Technologies made that possible by developing a cloud based application enabling the general public from all over the world to vote for their favorite contestants. Cerno’s cloud based service will tabulate and provide real time data count for the company.

“This is what we do for our customers: develop customized solutions and enhance their capabilities“ said a confident Sanjay.

Cerno Technologies provides customers with solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. They provide all of the basic functionality one expects from cloud solutions; but Cerno goes above and beyond expectations in providing customized client and industry specific solutions and functionality.

“We need to continue to develop solutions that are customized and relevant to our client’s needs. We are not a one solution fit all kinds of companies and as long as we continue to adopt the technology advancements and develop and service our clients on a personal basis we will continue to stay relevant as a valued business partner,” said Sanjay.

Road Map Ahead
The experts at Cerno are developing innovative customized solutions for several different industry verticals and expect to grow their business by continuing to enhance the customer experience and providing clients with innovative and practical tools that improve productivity and contribute to the bottom line.


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