CBIG Consulting: Assisting Big Data Endeavors With A Two-Pronged Service Approach

With technology continuing to evolve so rapidly, companies tell us they’re concerned about achieving future returns on their current investment in Business Intelligence and Big Data technologies. Finite client resources and faster project deadlines mean Big Data solutions must follow suit to be flexible, affordable and more creative to retain value.

Headquartered in Rosemont, IL, CBIG’s most advanced solutions to-date include CBIG Lean BI and Lean Big Data services. These solutions address and alleviate the challenge organizations face for the foreseeable future by helping them condense processing steps, reduce costs, and accelerate project completion timetables.

CBIG helps firms to get their BI house in order and helps them to prepare for, and tackle, Big Data endeavors with a two-pronged service approach. The company’s Strategic Services include everything from BI and Big Data assessments, Roadmaps, and Proof-of-Concept / Proof-of-Value exercises where they act as a liaison between business and IT departments to help enterprises discover and exploit strategic opportunities hidden in data. CBIG’s Technology Services include working with client teams to select, optimize and deploy full-scale BI and Big Data Analytics and Reporting solutions.

With a lot of interest from organizations that are looking at different ways to leverage data, many of CBIG’s engagements have evolved into a “data-centric” business management consulting approach. In essence, clients who’ve experienced measurable success with their existing BI and Big Data solutions are starting to envision how to generate additional revenue or operational efficiencies from that data, acquiring and integrating new data sources to create new products and services, and new markets to drive sales.

Explaining on the key strategy followed by the firm to stay ahead in the Big Data solutions space, John Onder, Co-founder and Managing Principal says, “CBIG sees traction across industries because everyone is facing similar chal­lenges with what we call ‘The Big Data Experience.’ CBIG follows a key strategy: stay ahead of it! We began work­ing on our Big Data framework in 2010, and implemented our first Big Data project in 2011. Add to this our leading edge BI and data warehousing background, coupled with CBIG’s solid knowledge base and field-tested methodolo­gies already in place. Simply put, we know what works, and have had a formal knowledge-share program in place for years to help team members stay abreast of the latest innova­tions in Big Data analytics.”

CBIG has nine offices across the U.S. and Australia, and their clients cross many industries, including but not lim­ited to healthcare, pharmaceu­tical, CPG, retail, internet, finan­cial, utilities, telecommunications, education, manufacturing and lo­gistics.

Highlighting case studies that brought benefits to CBIG clients Onder Says, “Recent Big Data projects include assisting a global financial firm in transitioning to a Big Data technology stack, helping an online hotel booking firm evaluate their competition by analyzing social media insights, and helping a banking firm analyze streaming internet interactions and site traffic from their various branded sites.

Imminent Plans
CBIG continues to grow at a record pace—the firm secured more new clients in the first half of 2014 than any other period since it’s founding in 2002. CBIG’s near – term strategy involves expanding their service and solution offerings to address specific industries and business functions, and increasing their U.S. and international presence by establishing additional consulting offices.


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