Caserta Concepts: Architecting Big Data Ecosystem

Big Data has been quickly evolving over the past few years and the biggest challenge for CIOs is figuring how it fits into the enterprise. The Big Data ecosystem, quite different from traditional relational database systems, necessitates that key components like data governance, security, and enterprise data integration, also be uniquely planned and executed. Caserta Concepts, a technology innovation-consulting firm headquartered in New York, works with CIOs and their IT staffs to facilitate this move into the Big Data world.

As a company, we’ve been doing data analytics for more than a decade and are always looking to build a better mousetrap and evolve our practices as new technologies develop,” says Joe Caserta, President and founder of Caserta Concepts and author of the industry best seller “The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit.”

The company began their Big Data practice in 2009, recognizing the demand for Hadoop and other Big Data technologies were outpacing traditional database development. At Caserta Concepts, they are data purists and feel the key to successful Big Data implementations is to follow best practices that ensure data consistency and accuracy with as little latency as possible. They are also dedicated technologists. The company is known for hosting the Big Data Warehousing Meetup in NYC where 1,300+ members meet regularly to discuss and share their Big Data vision and real-world application experience.

Improvisation is an interesting term and very applicable to how Caserta Concepts approaches projects. Their differentiator is the ability to design unique solutions on-the-fly to meet the specific needs of clients. This is accomplished by having deep knowledge in applicable emerging technologies and a thorough understanding through emersion of the holistic objectives of clients’ initiatives. The company has very forward-thinking clients who continuously challenge the Caserta Concepts team to think outside the box and develop innovative approaches to their unique data-driven business goals.

Always up to the challenge, each of the company’s solutions has a direct impact on client operations. An example is the recommendation engine built for one of the world’s largest investment banks. In this solution, Caserta Concepts ingested a full set of the bank’s customer’s histories and captured real-time user activity from their website via weblogs. They were then able to build machine-learning algorithms in Hadoop to provide stock recommendations in real-time via a custom-built web service directly connected to the banks investment portal. This gave the bank the customer-service competitive edge they were looking for.

No two solutions are alike in the company’s business. Each project begins by capturing specific functional requirements. Caserta Concepts creatively compiles a candidate architecture and design to fulfill those requirements and then custom builds the solution. Caserta Concepts does not sell products. Instead, they use technical innovation to create exclusive solutions that give clients a differentiating advantage.

“In the world of technology agility is the key to survival. Our company is designed and organized to stay nimble and forward thinking,” says Joe. The staff is comprised of technologists down to the bone who get excited by innovation. Caserta Concepts’ innovative ideas are commonly spotlighted in industry publications and presented at conferences.

Our history proves we continuously stay ahead of the technology curve and, more importantly, know how to innovate using technology to solve incredibly complex business challenges,” concludes Joe.


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