A business comprises several integral components, with data at the top of this list. Data has long been core to business operations due to the important part it plays. Each day, directors and their teams rely on tons of data to make informed decisions and steer their business in the right direction.

The rapid rise of data has seen the introduction of several data analytic tools designed to help businesses analyze and visualize data seamlessly. One tool making waves is the Power BI. According to Microsoft, Power BI is designed to help businesses solve the headache of preparing, visualizing, and analyzing tons of data. However, as a business owner, is Power BI what your business needs? You’ll soon find out!

What Is Power BI?

Power BI is an advanced business analytic tool. It helps businesses convert data from multiple sources into interactive dashboards and analytic reports. With the help of the features embedded in this analytic tool, businesses can store, visualize and share insights across several platforms.

Power BI aims to solve various data-related problems faced by corporate executives, business managers, and businesses at large. Thanks to this business intelligence tool, executives and their teams can make better decisions based on analytic reports.

Is Power BI the right choice for my business?

Arguably, power BI remains one of the best business intelligence tools out there. Its remarkable features, impressive data visualization capabilities, ability to handle vast data and user-friendliness are the major reasons you should consider it for your business.

One of the significant highlights of Power BI is not in its simple interface, which is quite commendable for such an intelligent and feature-packed platform. Instead, it lies in its ability to provide great visualizations that convert data into insights in a scalable manner.

Furthermore, the drag and drop feature embedded in the Power BI makes it easy for business staff to develop personalized reports immediately. At the same time, its ability to generate visuals from data enables users to understand the inner workings of their business, which is key to business growth.

Are there other alternatives to Power BI?

Ever since its introduction on July 24, 2015, Power BI has become one of the most adopted business intelligence platforms. Its ability to create better data visualization for clear understanding has made it unmatched.

However, regardless of its fame, impressive features, and functionality, you may decide not to leverage this platform. If you feel that this Microsoft creation is not the best for your business, probably due to its complexity or jam-packed user interface, are there power bi alternatives? Could you leverage other platforms and run your business smoothly?

Of course! There are a variety of alternatives out there, each having various features that could benefit your business. However, whichever option you go for, ensure that it is the right platform for your business. Also, consider its price and scalability, especially if you own a startup.


Every business needs a data analytic tool to store, manage, and understand their data. Power BI, no doubt, ticks all the boxes as far as data analytics is concerned. However, before you integrate it into your business operation, it makes sense to ensure that it suits your business’s activities.

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