In Astrolight Media Company, Valhil Capital announces a material equity commitment to create a cutting-edge media business focused on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other emerging technologies.

Valhil Capital, LLC, Houston and Austin, Texas

A private equity investment firm based in Houston (‘Valhil’), today announced the closing of their initial equity commitment to Astrolight Media Group, LLC (‘AMG’), an Austin-based media company focusing on the creation of blockchain, cryptocurrency and other digital assets for media, artists and personalities in the emerging technology sectors.
There was no disclosure of financial terms.

“AMG has developed an experienced team of digital media and marketing professionals, including media personalities and artists with an emphasis on the emerging blockchain sector of the economy, and are thrilled to partner with them to grow a world-class media business,” said Valhil’s Managing Director, Jimmy Vallee.

The partnership reflects Valhil’s creative approach to private equity: more versatile, participatory and agile collaborations than conventional rigid frameworks that can derail opportunities that are responsive to time.

“We are absolutely aligned with Valhil’s emerging sector emphasis and its strategy of unlocking unrealized value among highly innovative companies. Our management team is thrilled to work with Valhil to expand their mosaic of high potential investments,” said James Rule, Chief Executive Officer of AMG.

AMG will use the proceeds of Valhil’s investment to grow its technology-focused media business, which includes YouTuber – JamesRuleXRP, XRP Surf Ninja, BTC Popular and many others, according to Jacob Bowker, AMG’s President.

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