Coinstreet Partners (‘Coinstreet’), an award-winning global decentralized investment banking group powered by AI, and ECXX, a regulated digital securities exchange based on the blockchain in Singapore, have entered into a strategic partnership to introduce end-to-end security token offering (‘STO’) services and secondary digitized securities trading to institutional and accredited non-individual investment.

The investment banking group Coinstreet has strategic investments in international financial centres like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, UAE, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and deep partnerships with licensed broker-dealers. The TADS Awards, the world’s first international award for tokenized assets and digitized securities, have recently been released (

ECXX operates a STO exchange (, which is integrated with the one-stop identity site of the Singapore government, MyInfo. In addition to being admitted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) to the Fintech Sandbox under the Recognized Market Operator (RMO) system, ECXX has also applied for a license under the Payment Services Act and will be the first exchange in Singapore to sell both digital payment tokens and digital securities under two separate platforms once authorized.

The CEO and founder of Coinstreet Partners, Samson Lee, said:

Coinstreet has concentrated on the foreign market structuring and primary market of digital assets. The vision of ECXX is to be the world’s leading digital asset exchange offering efficient and stable digital asset trading services. We are very pleased to create a strategic alliance with ECXX. With controlled, it will allow us to integrate our primary market services vertically

Branson Lee, ECXX’s CEO, said:

“We see the digital assets space gaining massive traction and importance over the next few years. Our partnership with Coinstreet will be an important one as this space takes on a more globalized nature.”

Terry Tan, ECXX’s Listing Owner, said:

Working together with Coinstreet Partners helps ECXX to reach out to more global businesses interested in tokenizing their properties and listing their tokens on a controlled digital exchange in Singapore. For both Coinstreet Partners and ECXX, the strategic partnership would be a win-win situation.

Around 10 percent of global GDP will be tokenized and deposited on the Blockchain by 2027, according to a World Economic Forum report. Coinstreet serves customers in the stablecoins, real estate, financial services, technology, biotech, healthcare, telecommunications, electricity, manufacturing, hotel, hospitality, lifestyle, gaming, media and entertainment sectors with tokenization requirements. As the adaptation of this new corporate finance paradigm gains global acceptance, substantial growth in the number of high-quality STO ventures and the global expansion of investor communities are expected.

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