BlackMesh: Advancing the Next Generation of Cloud Security

The most common area of concern associated with IT today is security breaches. Government agencies in particular are constantly faced with threats of fraud and hacks. A government initiative, known as the Cloud First policy, aims to mitigate these issues by encouraging federal agencies to utilize cloud-based alternatives for system infrastructure in consideration of cost, resiliency, resources, and most importantly, security.

However, complying with this policy means federal enterprises and their associated organizations must be Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliant. FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. With it, cloud service providers (CSPs) and government agencies can mitigate vulnerabilities that run the risk of being exploited. BlackMesh achieved FedRAMP compliance by the time it launched its open source PaaS offering “SecureCloud” in 2015.

SecureCloud has assisted the government’s Cloud First objectives by implementing and offering a secure cloud platform that maintains all federal standards of security. The advantages of SecureCloud have significantly improved security measures for government agencies, and include advanced security, application expansion flexibility, Cloud First policy compatibility, customized affordable solutions, high-performance and compliant technologies, and managed support for the entire hosting environment.

An example of how BlackMesh’s SecureCloud has improved a federal agency’s security capabilities lies in the case of the Department of Energy (DOE). A 2014 audit revealed that the DOE had not attained or administered cloud computing technologies in an effective or efficient manner. In light of the Cloud First policy, the DOE required a FedRAMP-compliant secure PaaS to host its online applications and operations. As part of a mutually beneficial partnership, the DOE agreed to become a sponsoring agency in BlackMesh’s pursuit of federal compliance.

Within a year, BlackMesh achieved FedRAMP authorization. In return, BlackMesh began working on an open-source cloud software platform as a solution to all the challenges that the DOE was facing at the time. In order to achieve this, BlackMesh leveraged open source tools afforded by OpenStack to develop a DOE-specific cloud framework that conformed to federal government standards. And that gave birth to the FedRAMP-compliant productwe know as SecureCloud.

Currently, BlackMesh ( is among only 41 cloud service providers that have the capacity to provide fully managed cloud services to federal agencies. What sets BlackMesh apart from the remaining service providers is the fact that it’s managed services dive into the various security aspects of the SecureCloud PaaS; system owners only need to concern themselves with their system, and not the components that run on their system. In addition to that, BlackMesh has been a long-time advocate and user of open source technology. With open source, customers are not locked into one vendor and have more control over easily-accessible applications.

BlackMesh has undergone a great deal of growth and expansion in terms its devices, customers, partners, revenue and staff, since achieving FedRAMP approval. With SecureCloud in particular, the company has broken into new markets and is able to serve new and varying enterprises. Having an innovative product with unique and rare credentials has opened up BlackMesh to more customers, more physical growth, and more revenue.

In the world of cloud computing, security will always be a necessity. The deployment of SecureCloud for the government has proven BlackMesh is not only on the cutting edge of technology, but is leading on the federal cloud security frontline. BlackMesh plans to continue leveraging its innovative and compliant solutions to raise public and private sector standards while maintaining cost-effective services for its customers.

Offerings like SecureCloud demonstrate our level of service and commitment to providing effective and innovative solutions to our customers.


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