Fusionex – The GIANT Leap

The advent of superior technologies related to the internet of things (“IoT”) has created a vast space for data in a manner not possible before. There is data everywhere; and it’s growing bigger faster at a tremendous pace. Smart communication channels have further increased the need for effective management of this huge pool of data emerging from various business sectors around the globe. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created globally across various digital communication channels. Data sources are aplenty; it can vary from digital pictures, purchase transaction records, cell phone GPS signals, videos etc. It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to rely on their data to predict the roadmap for their respective businesses.

Big Data Analytics is a game changer that allows organisations to derive actionable insights from their data, which in turn will promote better informed decision making to put early Big Data adopters ahead of competitors. Many however have yet to realise and make use of Big Data to its’ full potential. Organisations that take advantage of Big Data Analytics related processes and technologies stand to gain a clear edge in today’s highly competitive market. Since Big Data Analytics is relatively new, some companies have resorted to sticking to the tried “wait and see” approach, unaware of the growing trend that is overtaking their businesses.

To bridge the gap between business and technology and to convince hesitant organisations that Big Data Analytics is actually a necessity for their business, Fusionex has developed their advanced (Big Data) analytics solution, Fusionex Insights (GIANT) to cater to a wide spectrum of organisations, be it the very mature with sophisticated Big Data capabilities, or even organisations that are just starting on their Big Data journey. To address the wider spectrum of users, Fusionex GIANT contains not only tools that can be used by the sophisticated data scientists, but also self-service tools for business analysts and even those not from an IT background.

Fusionex GIANT provides a myriad features, but in a snapshot,a few of the more salient features worth mentioning include:-

  • INSIGHTFUL DASHBOARDS WITH ANALYSIS: A key strength of Fusionex GIANT is its ability to help you visualise and understand your data with the flexibility to tailor your analysis from different viewpoints, all of which can be done on the fly.
  • SEAMLESS LINKAGE TO MULTIPLE DATA STORES: Business data is often stored in different IT systems. Fusionex GIANT provides a plug &play approach to link your data stores / data sources, speeding up implementation and removing the need for additional software development.
  • ALL ENCOMPASSING: Fusionex GIANT caters for all levels in an organisation, from the top management levels that prefer to view their KPIs on a mobile smartphone / tablet, to the detailed analytics often sought by data specialists.
  • INDUSTRY TUNED: Business users can gain access to insights within seconds, using either pre-built industry templates or taking advantage of Fusionex GIANT’s wizard-driven self-service dashboard features.

Recently, chip maker giant, Intel, deployed Fusionex GIANT to analyse the vast amounts of data generated by its manufacturing equipment and apply predictive analytics to forecast when their manufacturing equipment is likely to fail.By utilising the predictive analytics feature of Fusionex GIANT, Intel is now able to take corrective maintenance actions beforehand in order to minimise the downtime of the manufacturing line.This in turn translates to the saving of millions of dollars’ worth of costs, time as well as resources.

Fusionex has enjoyed a 100% success on all of its projects, no small feat in the arena in which they specialise in. Since the launch of Fusionex GIANT, it has chalked up more the 25 customer account wins across the globe with a steadily increasing client base.


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