evolve24: Making Big Data Actionable

Anthony Sardella, CEO and Founder, evolve24
Anthony Sardella, CEO and Founder, evolve24

It’s not the size of data that matters, but rather using the right combination of data to answer complex questions. With its headquarters in Saint Louis, evolve24 is a big data analytics and research company that enables executives to make confident business decisions with data-driven solutions. Anthony Sardella leads evolve24 as Chief Executive Officer.

The company provides web-based business intelligence applications, which integrate real-time data collection and measurement of media conversations and programs, content integration and processing technologies. evolve24’s team is comprised of data scientists, industry experts and research analysts.

We make big data actionable. This is the key strategy followed by the company,” says Anthony.

The following factors differentiate evolve24 from its competitors:

  • Collaboration with industry experts on a top-down systems approach.
  • Employment of Ph.D.-level data sci­entists who develop advanced al­gorithms and statistical models for big data.
  • Offers an emotion analytic that goes beyond sentiment to not only identify topics audiences care about most, but what drives perception and behavior behind the topic.
  • Tailors the data stream to collect, process and analyze the right com­bination big data to answer complex questions.

Speaking about verticals where the company sees traction, Anthony says, “We are seeing a growing number of Consumer Packaged Foods come under scrutiny in social media due to the heightened emotions and engagement around this topic. We also see a pattern emerging along the entire food production chain. Consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from and interest is growing in the day-to-day beliefs and operations of companies they purchase these products from.”

evolve24 has an illustrious clientele which includes ADP, American Express, AT&T, Cargill, Ford, Monsanto, Purina, Yahoo, and more.

Narrating a case study to highlight the benefits brought to one of its clients, Anthony says, “The PR/ Communications team of a well-known technology company needed insight into a rising crisis unfolding online. The negatively charged conversation and public sentiment of the brand was trending downward so the team needed to act quickly, and that was where evolve24 stepped in. Using evolve24’s Emotion Score™, our analysts highlighted topics with the highest negative emotional intensity so the PR/Communication team knew exactly where to focus first.

“Not only was our client’s apology well received, but the PR/ Communication team also effectively reached its target audience. With the depth of insight we provided, they were able to address the right concerns in the right tone and successfully prevent any additional damage to the brand’s reputation. These findings were later applied to other crisis management strategies,” concludes Anthony.

The road map ahead
evolve24’s mission is to move companies from data management and reporting-centric business intelligence to analytics-centric business intelligence using big data, cutting-edge data mining, data visualization and predictive modeling combined with science-based analysis and algorithms to make better business decisions.