ChalkLabs: Pathfinding and Knowledge Discovery for Large Organizations

The amount of data being produced today is expanding at an astronomical rate. Some experts indicate that there will be a 4300% increase in the annual amount of data generated around the world by 2020. These data, collectively known as “Big Data”, are not only large, but complex as well. Many large organizations are beginning to understand the value these large amounts of internal and external data provide and have started creating intelligent products and services which identify the areas where these solutions can save themselves and their customers time and money.

Led by Gavin La Rowe, ChalkLabs has developed a novel high-speed Big Data PaaS solution called Pushgraph® which helps their clients take advantage of this unique opportunity. Aside from Pushgraph’s® highspeed in-memory SQL-based computing engine which is able to process 4 million ACID transactions per second per core (i.e. > 32 million data points per second in an eight-core machine), Pushgraph® provides user based integration of structured and unstructured data, user-based visual and predictive and targeted analyses, and simple deployment and administration. The predictive analytics offered by Pushgraph® are of unique value allowing customers to proactively identify problems they are not aware of today and develop automated workflows to address these problems.

In addition to Pushgraph®, ChalkLabs provides a variety of services to support their clients. Key services include:

  • Data Science & Data Management services
  • Enterprise Support services
  • Software Development services
  • Consulting services for advanced software engineering solutions

Being smarter, faster, and more customer-oriented than our larger competitors and partnering with companies that provide a competitive advantage for us will be a key strategy in 2016”, says La Rowe.

Citing one case study, Pushgraph® is currently being used by a major disease research organization to enable, manage, and improve translational research efforts between member sites. For the first time in the history of the organization, the home and member sites using Pushgraph® are now able to understand their data in a single shared context. This has allowed various directors and lead researchers to identify overlaps, gaps, and priority research areas, resulting in increased collaboration and reduced duplicate spending among members (i.e. large savings in time and money). The Pushgraph® platform is also enabling this organization to perform pathfinding activities to identify emergent research areas where more funding should be dedicated, as well as areas which have been identified as priority research areas which have not previously been allocated commensurate funding.

Some of ChalkLabs current clientele include the US Department of Agriculture, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Institutes of Health, and other medical research organizations. ChalkLabs is seeing large amounts of traction for Pushgraph® in the public sector as well as the Health Care and Pharmaceutical industries. ChalkLabs is set for accelerated growth in 2015-2016 with many new public sector, pharmaceutical, and healthcare customers, new license offerings, GSA schedule, and major investments in staffing, marketing, and R&D to support increased development and growth.


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