ChalkLabs: Carrier-Agnostic Logistics Solutions

The world of Big Data poses many challenges but at the same time is full of opportunities and prospects. Big Data solutions have the opportunity to convert data into customers, though many businesses are dedicating more time, money and effort to managing their Big Data infrastructure than creating the needed applications to solve their business problems.

ChalkLabs is a team of committed analysts, researchers, and experienced programmers who specialize in providing advanced analytical computing solutions. The company is headquartered at Bloomington, IN, and is founded by Gavin LaRowe. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The firm was established with an objective to develop software that enables individuals and groups to discover knowledge. ChalkLabs Pushgraph Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provides an easy-to- use, inexpensive, enterprise-level platform for harvesting, synthesizing, analyzing, and visualizing large amounts of data. Users can upload, associate, and analyze common structured and ad-hoc unstructured data sets to identify obvious and non-obvious relationships allowing them to create highly informed, robust, and targeted analyses. Aside from the easy-to-use visualization tools found in the platform, Pushgraph has integrated a very fast in-memory database that enables even faster processing times.

“Apart from the advanced analytical and visual aspects of the platform, Pushgraph provides one of the fastest in-memory processing and data storage engines on the market, faster than most of the Fortune 500 solutions that exist today,” states LaRowe.

Two key factors that differentiate ChalkLabs from others are perhaps the size of their teams and their ability to innovate quickly. The engagement, development, and sustainment teams are very small which allows them to move extremely quickly when it comes to making decisions,

“We are able to push changes out the door within days, keeping our customers actively engaged and happy, says LaRowe.” In addition to team size, innovating quickly allows ChalkLabs to develop and test new products and services that provide contextual relevance to their customers instead of canned solutions that may provide little to no value.

The company sees continued traction in internal education, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations. Continuing to innovate, developing smarter products faster than their competitors, and continuing to improve the level of customer service are key priorities for the company.

Describing the benefits brought to one of their customers LaRowe says, “Pushgraph is being used by one public sector customer to identify overlaps and gaps in large research portfolios. One Return on Investment (ROI) estimate for Pushgraph by this customer for a common type of data request between public sector organizations was 2083%. The time savings for using Pushgraph instead of existing tools for this type of request was 7 hours. Another ROI estimate for Pushgraph regarding identification of potentially overlapping research projects was 240% at a cost savings of over $230 per study.”

Clients have included the National Institutes of Health, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the US Department of Agriculture, and Courseload.

Road Map Ahead
We will continue on our same path of increased research and development, smart and steady growth in the public and medical research sectors, and developing strategic partnerships with larger organizations in key areas where they can provide multiple competitive advantages,” concludes LaRowe.


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