CDK Global, LLC: Focused On Managing Data Solutions For Automotive Retail Customers

Companies with a vision and plan for the future are always the ones positioned for success. CDK is one such company that functions based on this principle and is constantly looking for new ways to innovate in the Big Data industry. With the collection of data having become an easy procedure, the organization believes the biggest challenge lies in sorting through the data and using it to drive business impact, whether it is performance of systems, optimizing operations or even helping the auto industry sell cars.

CDK focuses on managing data solutions for automotive retail customers – manufacturers and dealerships. With all of their customers concentrated to within the automotive industry, all attention is focussed on local car dealerships and the process through which they sell their cars. CDK boasts of generating over 1 billion ad impressions every month from their multi-channel digital marketing solutions, making it the managers of one of the biggest automotive vehicle databases in the industry.

CDK Global helps a customer strategize by providing them insights about their market and their business. The target audience that the business is trying to attract is identified and closely studied using data. Their anonymous behaviour patterns are followed in order to predict what a consumer is looking out for. This is achieved using big data. Data also helps them leverage advertising optimization. CDK Global’s industry unique platform looks at the performance of advertising and automatically balances spend and bid simultaneously across several channels and tactics all the way down to the zip code level. This ensures that money spent on advertising is best utilized. CDK also makes use of big data to help their customers with their in-store processes, that is, to make the consumer experience as quick and enjoyable as possible.

CDK Global points out that factors such as system stability and scalability, and areas such as security should be given very high priority when you are a serious provider. Once that is covered, the next level of concern deals with determining how easy a partner is to work with and their application of big data to your key business goals. This has certainly been the key to CDK’s emergence as a market leader with over 27,000 client sites in over 100 countries.

What’s in it for the team behind CDK Global’s success? The company ensures that there is always space given for the team to innovate. This is evident from a recent hack-a-thon event that was organized with more than 200 of their associates. The teams were allowed to brainstorm and come up with new ways the company could support the dealers, and in turn consumers who purchased their products. As expected, the success of the events was beyond imaginable. Among the many innovations that came up, automatic caller ID intelligence and dashboards to evaluate the financial health of a new customer were some of the innovations that sprung up during the course of the event.
CDK Global is planning on focussing on two areas for the rest of the current year. The first

is to use big data to determine the right message or offer to present to each individual consumer, thereby giving them the best experience when shopping for a vehicle. And the second is to use big data to drive the business insights about a car dealership’s audience. In other words, data insights would have to be directly tied to marketing strategies to gain the attention of consumers that are shopping for vehicles in the area.


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