CBIG Consulting: Providing Extensive Services EffectivelyTo All Industry Sectors Around The World

CBIG’s Big Data analytics and BI service offerings get to the heart of the central challenge: “What practical solutions can a given enterprise employ to positively impact its business and drive it forward?” CBIG’s work has gone through several evolutionary advancements, culminating in more targeted analytics that address realistic goals for organizations that need faster results, in less time, at lower cost. Their data analytics and BI projects are now more strategic in nature.

CBIG places a particular emphasis on providing Big Data and BI analytics, building and/or improving data management practices, and supporting ongoing Cloud solutions. These services help the clients achieve better insights into what’s really going on in their business operations, not just from a technology standpoint but also from a highly strategic angle.

First, since the establishment of their firm 13 years ago,CBIG leadership have persistently stressed that their success is directly proportionate to their talented staff. CBIG’s managing partners have consciously sought out and recruited creative, talented individuals—in many cases leaders in their field—from all over the world to build their practice, add to their depth of experience, and provide continuous innovation.

Second, CBIG’s professionals share common goals. As a team, their management consultants, analysts, and data engineers have the capability and experience to take enterprises from strategy and planning through development and realization on to full managed services in the Cloud.

Third, CBIG has developed and refined a revolutionary approach to Big Data Analytics. Their CBIG Lean™ data analytics solution integrates all types of data, eliminates cumbersome ETL steps, is scalable, and is also capable of adapting to existing technology. CBIG Lean™ can offer tremendous advantages involving faster deployment times (weeks instead of months) without the need for traditional ETL, data modeling or costly proprietary software and hardware, translating to less overall costs and quicker ROIs.

CBIG has witnessed a lot of interest in marketing analytics, competitive intelligence, and data monetization initiatives from existing data assets in the last couple of years. Several of CBIG’s senior partners come from the client side of business, offering a unique, client-based mindset that has helped enormously in the development of truly relevant services that respond to their clients’ need for ongoing, real-time competitive information. With their expertise, the firm has developed CBIG Marketing™ analytics and CBIG Competitive™ intelligence solutions to help enterprises not just maintain but improve their brand, their products, and their sales within their given industry sector. CBIG has also developed strategic relationships with leading software partners and continually engages client business users to improve and enhance specific solutions, based on creative thinking and new ideas that bubble up from realizing what Big Data can actually do. Collaborating with all stakeholders, CBIG’s teams are able to approach these challenges from a more strategic perspective, which goes a long way in staying ahead in the solutions game.

CBIG has provided extensive services for virtually all industry sectors throughout the world. These include but are not limited to enterprises—both large (Fortune 100) and small—from healthcare, higher education, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, retail, finance, banking and insurance to utilities, transportation, higher education, and non-profit organizations.

The future for CBIG remains on track, which includes expanding R&D to develop full-service solutions for advanced analytical functions, and cultivating even stronger partnerships with emerging leaders in high-tech hardware and software technology to develop even leaner approaches to Big Data analytics, data integration, and business user reporting processes. CBIG is always amenable to retaining outstanding talent, as well as advancing its in-house continuing education programs. The firm continues to expand its global footprint beyond CBIG’s twelve current international office locations.


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