Big Data Cognition: Complete Big Data EDW Solutions For Actionable Intelligence

Big Data analytics requires a hybrid and expansive set of skills; hands on cutting edge Big Data technology expertise coupled with deep knowledge of statistical techniques and algorithms. This has created an acute and exponentially growing shortage of hands-on data scientists.

Big Data Cognition provides end-to-end Big Data analytic solutions to enterprises. The team members of BDC are a group of veterans from industry and academia, business leaders, trained data scientists and technology architects with years of experience. Rohit Chauhan, the Co-Founder is the helmsman of the firm.

BDC’s platform hides low level complexity of Big Data technologies. Data scientists can solely focus on delivery of critical business insights by finding useful patterns from large amount of unstructured data such as textual log files, social media, Twitter and Facebook data and merge with structured (relational) data.

Their effort is to bridge the skill gap by offering a collaborative open source, re-usable workflow driven Big Data analytics platform for data scientists with limited relational SQL or SAS programming skills.

Data scientists using our platform can leverage pre-built, proven rich library of open source machine learning algorithms written in R and Java languages to quickly create and test pluggable analytic workflows through an intuitive drag and drop user interface,” says Rohit.

Organizations need ability to develop and run predictive models on large amount of data, to create value from Big Data. Our platform is built specifically, to address this key enterprise need. We offer a desktop solution that help organizations to explore Big Data, find relevant questions and answer them efficiently.

BDC offers following products & services:
Factors that set the company apart from its competitors are simple interface, unbeaten price, hassle free integration and rich functionality.

Talking about the key strategy followed to stay ahead in the solutions, Rohit says, “BDC’s well thought out Open Source with active support plat form strategy is the key to always provide cutting edge solutions and most innovative machine learning algorithm implementations to our customers with minimal cost.”

BDC has an illustrious clientele which includes Walmart, Nokia, Home Depot, AT&t.
As client’s service lines grow, there is an increasing need to collect and log information about events as they occur. There are two typical scenarios where event collection and logging are critical, one is Collection of user behavioral data and the other is Centralized operational data.

Wide adoption of log collection by so many servers means that it must be highly available and scalable, and must have high performance. It is estimated that to serve 100 million active users, log collection system is utilized to send 1.5 billion messages every day or 17 thousand messages per second on average.

BDC Custom Data Lake Solution offers a highly available, highly scalable and high performance distributed logging system for all services capturing unstructured and structured data around the world and deployed on a private secure in-house as well as hybrid third party elastic cloud servers.

BDC Custom Data Lake solution offers Storage, Ingestion, Distillation

Processing, Insights, Unified Data Management, and Unified Operations

The road map
In the next 6 – 18 months the company will continue to enhance their product suites (EDW/Data Analytics/ (Streaming) Machine Learning Algorithms/Visualization) and provide rich functionality to our customers.
We will also continue building the ecosystem to support and incubate industry accelerator product companies,” concludes Rohit.


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