Appcara: Enabling the progression of cloud through application automation

Cloud Computing has become an integral part of IT strategies for most corporate enterprises. CIO’s strive to accelerate time-to-market, improve performance, gain efficiency and reduce cost. However, most enterprise applications are still running in traditional environments with little success in the cloud. According to the IDC, only 2.5 percent of legacy packaged enterprise applications have started migrating to the clouds.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with R&D subsidiaries in Singapore and Hong Kong, Appcara is led by CEO, John Yung and a close-knit team of cloud computing veterans who previously built industry leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing services such as Savvis Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC), Sun Cloud, as well as leading service provider infrastructures at Equinix.

As the conversation in cloud has progressed placing huge emphasis on “Workload portability and application lifecycle automation to eliminate cloud lock-in” Appcara is one of the most strategically positioned companies in the cloud industry. Appcara’s focus has always been on the application layer, knowing that the need for app automation, app portability and the evolution towards a “software defined” ecosystem would be coming, and that their technology would be positioned to substantially enable the progression of cloud at that time.

Appcara’s flagship product is AppStack, a Cloud Application Management Platform. AppStack has been purpose built to address the complex challenges of launching and managing multi-tier applications in public and private clouds. AppStack provides a level of cloud and application automation not available through any other technology vendors, and application extensibility through proprietary “software defined” network and storage orchestration.

AppStack is built on a patent-pending data model-driven technology that captures the entire Workload in real-time to the application layer, providing Workload portability, lifecycle automation and application extensibility.

The company’s products are predominately customized for Service Providers, whether to fulfill an internal Service Provider requirement, or to fulfill the needs of a Service Provider’s Enterprise customer. With AppStack, Service Providers can fully customize and private label the AppStack Customer Portal to provide consistent Service Provider branding, and receive custom integration to backend systems (e.g. ticketing, billing).

Many valuable products and features are the result of product customization for their customers. An example of such is Appcara’s product AppCloud; the result of a customer requirement to build “Cloud in a Box.” The end result for this customer is a turnkey solution that powers cloud services for their customers. The end result for Appcara is a productized solution (AppCloud) the industry’s first enterprise class private cloud with multi-cloud and application automation.

AppStack is simple to use. Customers have gained efficiencies in their operations by never needing to sacrifice quality or usability again. AppStack’s automation capability encompasses all aspects of cloud management and cloud application management.
British Telecom has been our loyal customer since 2012. AppStack enables BT to offer application services on top of their cloud services for various industries. With AppStack, BT’s customers can launch highly sophisticated, multi-server applications injusta few clicks,” says John Yung, CEO of Appcara.

The company’s goal is to always remain customer centric in delivering technology solutions; implementing product development through extensive customer and business partner interaction as abest practice.

The years ahead hold great things for Appcara. They have unmatched technology, an exciting and aggressive product roadmap, great customer success and the conversation in cloud has now advanced to the application layer. With CIO initiatives pushing to the cloud and their technology providing the application automation needed to best fulfill upon such initiatives, Appcara is of great value to customers and is strategically positioned to achieve further success.


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