AltX: The Data Experts

Professionals who know, first hand, the challenges associated with the market, paired with technology, behavioural and data experts who know how to pull down, aggregate and utilize meaningful data – this constitutes the workforce of an ideal solutions company. And that is exactly what describes the team at AltX. While several algorithms have been known to handle Big Data over the years, AltX is one of the first to try to democratize the technology in the hedge fund space. The organization is backed by the firm belief that the ability to triangulate disparate data sets and synthesize this data to reveal unique and beneficial insights will help professionals serving and targeting the hedge fund industry find new customers, better understand existing ones and ultimately drive smarter investment decisions.

Large unstructured data sets can especially pose challenges if data mining, text mining, and machine learning are not used in the right context to extract the salient points so that one can derive new, actionable learning and insights. AltX combines technology expertise with their experience in financial services to make sense of the data to decipher it in ways that will be valuable to the industry.

AltX comes packaged with multiple characteristics that have helped several enterprises transform, enhance and optimize their business processes. The technology has brought about a level of transparency to an area of the market that has traditionally been very opaque. Additionally, the application of novel (behavioural, news, relational), as well as traditional (performance, regulatory), data sets to hedge fund investing to deliver new insights will ultimately lead to smarter investment decisions. While investors have always been considering all of these components separately in their decision making process, AltX helps digitalize all of those considerations in one place. Other characteristics that set the technology apart are the ease of use and efficiency, and the fact that on examining multiple data sets separately and in relation to one another to reveal new insights is something that is rarely seen in similar technologies.

AltX’s extensive domain experience in quantitative analytics space is a major factor that attracts customers towards their service. The fact that the organization gives their clients the ability to generate more alpha by itself gives potential clients maximum satisfaction right from the start itself. The team at AltX seeks client input on a regular basis and based on that, releases a new version of the product every two weeks, thereby providing clients with solutions to problems they didn’t realize they had. The product’s track record demonstrates how it has been able to prove that there is more to financial analysis and decision making than just the traditional analytics and quantitative metrics that have been used for fifty years.

Looking ahead at the rest of the current year, AltX is confident that natural language processing, relationship mapping, data mining, and automated insights-based products will be more ubiquitous and integrated into all facets of life as the amount of data continues to exponentially increase. There will be more interest in models that show hard correlations and empower people to make better data driven decisions, instead of emotionally driven decisions. The organization expects to turn the current model on its head, specifically to take an old world, offline business to an automated, online, smart data driven business. As a long term goal, AltX aims at building critical mass within the institutional space and scaling to other alternative asset classes.


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