As a school kid my first love was letters. The love for letters and written words landed me up in the world of media and I started my career as a print media journalist. It was an age of specializations in media. My inherent passion for technology and the craving for knowing new stuff in technological space turned me into a prolific technical writer. I joined CIO Story as a Senior Technical Writer and soon got into the role of Editor-in-Chief. Well versed in corporate communication, content management, and public relations. I shuttle between San Jose, USA, and Bengaluru(Bangalore), India. Let’s have a meaningful conversation over a cup of coffee 🙂


Vijay Karthik Udayakumar
Publisher & Managing Editor

An enthusiastic entrepreneur and a seasoned technologist, with a patent pending in the USA, I always believed in the power of innovative ideas and thoughts. With this strong conviction, I founded CIO Story as a platform for sharing perspectives of thought leaders from across the globe. CIO Story ( the premium business technology magazine which provides a bridge between technology vendors and clients by showcasing products, solutions, and services in the CxO audience space. My core competencies are in cloud computing, cloud brokerage, cloud security, opensource customizations, opensource licensing, project management, java programming and web applications(btw, I love BASIC, C, 2ⁿ, and the double stars, thanks, Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson to get into a different world). I travel between, San Jose, USA – Bengaluru(Bangalore), India – Coimbatore, India.

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