Get More Customers by Advertising

CiO Story is an online magazine tailored to key decision makers, CEOs, senior marketing professionals and boardroom level professionals. Our content is designed to offer a unique and unparalleled insight into the world of modern business, with our angle being distinctly B2B.

With this targeted demographic of business leaders, often C level, as well as thousands of unique views per month; advertising with CiO Story is an effective channel to reach powerful decision makers and senior level executives.

Targeted Advertising to CxO Level

Most CxO level executives are extremely marketing aware and are less likely to react to traditional marketing channels. This means PPC approaches or creating lead magnets etc may be a less effective way of reaching CEOs, CMOs and CFOs.

The answer, increasingly, is to leverage the power of the channels that they use for information. CxOs are much more receptive to sources of information they already trust and frequent, so finding these channels can be like striking a goldmine when looking to focus on this highly lucrative niche market.

If you’re looking for an effective channel for marketing to CEOs, CMOs or other C level decision makers, CiO Story offers several great opportunities.

Decision Maker Marketing

Whatever your business marketing strategy, we have an advertising solution that will compliment it. Our site is optimized for both desktop and mobile, and there is no expiration on advertising.

Target powerful C level decision makers with:

  • Sponsored post content: Designed to increase brand visibility.
  • Digital ads: Including animated banners, embedded videos and more.
  • Text ads: A simple yet effective advertising solution.
  • Inline image ads: An eye catching advertising solution
  • Product or service listing: Your solution will be viewable to thousands of C level executives.

If you’re looking for a unique channel for decision maker marketing, could be a powerful and effective addition to your advertising solutions.

The Benefits vs PPC Advertising

Although PPC advertising is often the first choice of B2B marketers, the solution is mostly focused on the short term. There are of course plenty of benefits of running a PPC ad campaign, but it does need to be thoroughly researched and expertly executed.

Choose for your CxO executive marketing and you’ll get:

  • A link to your business that doesn’t expire
  • With PPC ads you can’t always be sure who will see your ads
  • By advertising on CiOStory, you can be sure that your ad will be seen by C level executives
  • PPC budgets can really add up over time. With CiO Story, the cost is clear from the outset
  • Your ad will be visible to thousands of CxOs

If you’re looking for a tool for decision maker marketing that will guarantee that your brand is highly visible to senior executives, get in touch to discuss with our team.

You’ll find our advertising solutions are very affordable when compared to a PPC campaign, and highly cost effective.

Contact us by emailing your requirements to “” today for your quote.