What is ITIL?

What is ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library
What is ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL is used by millions of professionals worldwide.

ITIL supports companies and individuals seeking optimal value from IT and digital services. It helps define the service provider’s direction with a clear capacity model and integrates them into business strategy and customer needs.

ITIL is a professionally recognized certification program that provides comprehensive, practical, and proven guidance for establishing a service management system and provides a general glossary of terms for businesses that use IT-enabled services.

The ITIL approach guides organizations and individuals on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business transformation, transformation, and growth. ITIL argues that ITI and Digital Services are in compliance with the needs of the business and support its core objectives and objectives.

ITIL is supported by a certification program that helps trainees demonstrate their skills in adapting and modifying the framework to address their specific needs.
Each year, companies invest heavily in adopting and modifying ITIL in their business practices and empowering their employees with ITIL qualifications.


ITIL4 takes you through a service value system that provides a complete picture of what it means to contribute to business value. The focus is now on linking value through the service relationship.

The updated framework will focus on simplifying value creation through the Service Value System (SVS). SVS refers to how different components and functions can work together in any organization to facilitate value creation through IT-enabled services.

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