Tue, March 26, 2019

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  • Larry Olson, Nexus Global

    Who’s Your Data?

    By Larry Olson, CEO, Nexus Global Business Solutions Asset taxonomy combined with nomenclature data (metadata) and performance data along with asset health information are some

  • Apple AR Glasses 2020
    Augmented and Virtual Reality

    Apple AR Glasses 2020

    Apple doesn’t consider it’s AR as a dedicated product, such as Microsoft HoloLens or Snap glasses, instead Apple AR device will be integrated with iPhone.

  • Tim Montague, President & CTO, AIS Inc
    CxO Perspective

    The IT rEvolution

    By Tim Montague, President & CTO, AIS Inc We are in the midst of a Revolution…a Revolution of understanding, approach and analytics. Despite the marching

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