StorONE Teams with Seagate to Maximize Storage Performance

By CiOStory

StorONE today announced record speeds using Seagate SSD drives and StorONE’s TRU™ S1 Software Defined Storage solution. The StorONE Unified Virtual Appliance is ideal for I/O-intensive environments as the Seagate SSD drives eliminate the storage performance issues caused by server virtualization.

In recent performance testing, StorONE combined its software with Seagate’s enterprise-class SSDs in a virtual appliance configuration that reached a breakthrough half a million IOPS with 24 Seagate SSDs and all enterprise-class data protection features running. The high-availability, failure-proof VMware cluster with two nodes achieved this throughput on random reads (4K) and 180,000 IOPS on random writes (4K) with latency of less than 0.2 milliseconds.

StorONE software runs in a simple ESXi VM using very little memory and compute. The enhanced system does not require cost-prohibitive server configurations, big memory caches, or other expensive add-on products. The virtual appliance supports all hypervisor platforms including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Oracle VM.

StorONE’s TRU S1 software ensures a customer’s hardware investment will match the rated IOPS, throughput, and capacity of the drives regardless of whether they are SSD, NVMe or HDD. In addition, StorONE’s TRU storage software includes enterprise storage features such as unlimited snapshots; support for all storage protocols (block, file, and object) on the same drives; support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, and S3; and support for all drive types in the same server. It is also the first and only software solution that can be used for all-flash or hybrid arrays, virtual storage, secondary storage, or cloud storage so there is no need to integrate multiple storage solutions when users can get it in one single software solution. The company offers a performance demo of the Unified Virtual Appliance with Seagate SSDs at

StorONE TRU™ S1 Storage System

StorONE’s software elicits the extreme performance of our SSDs in meeting the needs of mission-critical applications,” said Ravi Naik, CIO and SVP Corporate Strategy at Seagate. “With StorONE’s software, users can achieve the maximum utilization of resources from our solid state drives, getting the best possible TCO via optimized storage capacity and performance.”

Seagate drives offer superior drive design and reliability for enterprise use, and our tests show they offer performance beyond their competitors,” said Gal Naor, StorONE co-founder and CEO. “We are very proud to have the world’s leading data solutions company as an early investor and partner, on whose drive technology we can reach incredible throughput and deliver all essential data services for managing and protecting data.”

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