Oculeus Bags Gold Medal at IT World Awards for Best IT Solution for Telecommunications

The leading provider of innovative OSS/BSS solutions for mobile operators and telecom companies, Oculeus, bagged the gold medal award for the Best IT Solution for Telecommunications at the 12th Annual IT World Awards.

The IT World Awards is a yearly attainments and appreciation program highlighting the year’s best products, services, and technologies in all segments of information technology.

Oculeus bagged this recognition for its Oculeus Anti-Fraud System.

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System allows telecom carriers, mobile operators and other providers of voice-based communications amenities to avert revenue losses initiated by a growing list of erudite methods of fraud which includes false answer supervision, PBX hacking, bypassing/SIM boxing, pricing arbitrage and much more.

The operator traffic is continuously monitored by The Oculeus Anti-Fraud. The methods used are call attempt evaluations, call records and commercial data to check for traffic anomalies and patterns that are typical of scam. The solution leverages its Live Traffic Fraud Blocking capabilities to eliminate or significantly reduce potential revenue losses caused by fraudulent network traffic by performing fraud evaluation and blocking in near-real-time before the start of a call. The system works in conjunction with a SIP redirect server and a pre-call fraud detection engine to efficiently check, monitor and evaluate pre-call call attempts along with internal and external blocking information provided by the system. When fraudulent activities are identified, the offenders are immediately blocked from further usage on the service provider’s network.

“Existing fraud management efforts still focus on detecting fraud only after it has happened and revenue has been lost,” said Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus. “We are proud to receive this award recognition and see it as a direct validation of our unique approach for improving the fraud prevention practices of our customers by blocking fraud in near-real-time well before significant revenue is lost.”

Oculeus is presently ranging its anti-fraud solution to enable telcos to offer fraud prevention and traffic monitoring services to their business clienteles.

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud solution runs on Linux services with a web-based front-end, which allows end users to admittance and manage the system from any browser on a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Oculeus is currently offering proof-of-concept trials and providing demonstrations of the Oculeus Anti-Fraud System to qualified communications service providers.

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