Apple’s Tile trackers may use augmented reality

Less than two weeks before Apple’s big iPhone launch, we’re still discovering new details about what the company event might look.

A rumored product is handy: a new Bluetooth tracking accessory to help track lost items. Apple announced the gadget might be incorporated into new Find My app in iOS 13 last spring.

Now, MacRumors reports that the gadget will use augmented reality to find lost items. When you need to find something you lost, open Find My app and check for the AR balloon, it will help you to find the lost item, as per information found in the iOS 13 framework.

Such a feature is not only an excuse for Apple to highlight Apple ARKit, but it also gives the company a leg up on the Tile. Also, it will help the company justify the higher price for its gadget. (The cost of tile trackers ranges from $ 20 to $ 35 approximately.)

MacRumors also dug out images that could be a tracker – a small, white, disk-shaped gadget with the Apple logo – although the site states it could be a placeholder image.

Introduced in iOS 13 Apple’s Find My app lets you manage your tags and track your items. The app that locates Find My iPhone and Finds My Friends on the same interface, the “Items” section may go along with the trackers in the same interface.

While Apple may still have an unnamed gadget at a later date, it looks like the company is preparing for a release at its September event.

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