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CiOStory.com accepts guest posts about technology, business, finance, gaming, gadgets and related promotional posts.

We are a USA Magazine and Blog Publisher that has been online since 2014, has thousands of visitors, and it is home to editors and CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CDOs worldwide who read our blog articles and magazines. We accept guest posts from advertisers or bloggers, writers, and editors, called promotional content.

CIO Story is a high quality well-rated website and a great place for writers looking for opportunities to add quality well-written articles that truly benefit our international audience.

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  • We only publish well-written original content on our blog.
  • The article should be related to technology, business, finance, gaming, gadgets and more, preferably with images
  • We do not accept links to adult sites.
  • We insist on good quality content with at least 500 words that our audience really wants to read!

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About us

CiOStory.com is an online digital technology magazine for modern management. Business is moving fast. The CIO Story helps CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs stay up-to-date with key points of modern business.

Digital and technological advances can happen at breakneck speeds, and as a busy professional, it can sometimes be easy to miss a major change. At CiO Story, our goal is to make you look bright.

A team of global writers keeps an eye on advances in information technology, data, modern technology, new business and business development. Our fingertips are on the pulse of everything in the world:

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