Benefits of Email Marketing

The following describes benefits of email marketing and explain why email marketing has been so successful and continues to be used by marketers today. Email is the chosen communication medium to connect companies with customers. According to the a report, 60% of survey respondents choose email as their favourite way to get promotions and daily notifications from companies that do business. 20% of people chose social media, and 17% chose SMS.

Better ROI

Email generates a better ROI compared to other communication sites, according to a statistics of US marketers by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric.

Easily customize your email messages

A wide range of marketing tools and software that can help companies simplify and streamline the process of sending personalized emails, from inserting the subscriber’s name into product lines and email messages, until they create emails that target their customers’ personal interests and needs.

Customer base

You can easily segment your prospects and customer groups and send them unique marketing messages that address their individual needs and interests. By splitting your email list, you can take your email personalization to a new level. Demographics, geography, and behavior (eg, past purchases) are some of the data types you can use to reach specific areas of your email list and send you relevant and personalized email content.

Personalized Marketing Emails

With emails automation , you can highly increase your one-to-one marketing communications while reducing the amount of employee time required. Automation is the foundation of successful campaigns that are directed and nurtured. This is another important tool to create meaningful, personalized marketing emails. With advances in email marketing automation software, it is more affordable than ever for many small businesses.

Easily shareable

For subscribers, email is easy to share your marketing messages. Your subscribers can share your company’s email address with promotional code or special sales information with friends and colleagues.

Improve ROI

Keeping track of contacts and changes in your email campaigns is easy. To make good, data-driven email marketing decisions and improve your email ROI; key email metrics need to be calculated and analyzed.


Online marketing is eco-friendly. It helps to save paper and trees.


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