us Attorney: Keeping Vision and Approach Constantly at the Forefront

Amicus Attorney is a practice management solution designed for lawyers. It manages both the professional side of a law practice (like client matter files, document management, legal drafting, legal docketing etc) and the business side of a law practice (like billing, collections and trust). It helps lawyers and law firms to be better organized and be more efficient. Amicus Attorney was founded by Ron Collins.

The company’s key product is Amicus Attorney which is available in two editions:

  1. Premium edition, which is the world leading “desktop” or “on premise” practice management software for lawyers, including mobile features that allow it to be used anywhere, anytime on almost any device
  2. Cloud edition, which is entirely in the cloud, freeing the firm from any need for IT or other infrastructure

Known for its ease of use, Amicus Attorney’s remarkable success is based on the fact that it is designed from the lawyer down, not the technology up. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, it anticipates their needs and helps them get things done like no other product. Its natural workflow and proactive approach set Amicus apart.

Elaborating on a case study that brought benefits to one of their clients, Collins said, “How does one operate an extremely lean practice, have up to 11,000 cases open at any given time, while providing client service that ensures customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention? Peter C. Merani, an attorney and Amicus customer based in New York City knows how.”

Peter has been an Amicus customer from the beginning, and has never looked back. He has seen the technology grow and has kept his Amicus software current, allowing him and his associates to leverage new features and enhancements as the product has evolved. He realizes that each new version of Amicus isn’t just a number.

Firm members rely upon Amicus for document management, case management, time tracking and monitoring tasks.

Quite possibly the greatest benefit that Peter sees in Amicus is the efficiency it brings. Amicus reduces overhead, allows him to “operate a lean practice, which in turn benefits his clients”, and “with Amicus Attorney’s document generation capabilities, the amount of work that would, without a practice management system, take 5 people to do, I can do on my own, in the same amount of time.” Without a doubt, Amicus is saving Peter money by lowering overhead, earning him extra money by ensuring that all billed time is captured, and giving him more free time to engage his passions outside the office!

Amicus is fully integrated into Peter’s practice- from human resources, to case management, to time tracking, and so much more. Amicus has proven to be an invaluable part of the firm’s operation.

The firm has created up to 1,000 customized templates and forms housed in the Amicus structure, allowing firm members to prepare materials for 15 cases at one time. Merani’s use of Amicus to automate his practice is unprecedented – Amicus is his lifeline to his business.

Amicus Attorney gives me the ability to be a great advocate for my clients, but still have a life outside our office. We have looked into other products, and nothing rivals Amicus Attorney,” says Peter.

The company’s mission is enabling justice. Amicus looks forward to continue to pursue this mission by enabling lawyers to focus on delivering the best possible legal services to their clients, in the most cost-effective way.


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