Tricerat: Committed to quality In Product And Customer Service

Tricerat is all about simplifying IT. Their products and services give the IT administrator an opportunity to focus on other, more strategic aspects of their job by automating and simplifying processes. Tricerat focuses mostly on printing, app development, backup and recovery, and system monitoring.

Tricerat offers a variety of services to the client, including universal print management solutions that eliminate the common yet painful printer driver and 32-bit/64-bit compatibility issues that cause slow, non-existent, or crashed printer problems in Citrix, Microsoft RDS, or VMware VDI environments. You can solve Citrix printing issues with the centralized management console, easily assign printers within your Microsoft RDS or VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) network, troubleshoot RDP printing problems, optimize printing performance and eliminate driver and spooler service errors.

Tricerat’s latest evolution in printing, Simplify PrintingTX® lets users print from any device to any printer, including remote printing from mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android to any printer without admin handholding.

Whether you are solving printing issues with local printers, printers connected to a print server, or now printing from mobile devices, Tricerat has it covered.

Tricerat’s backup and disaster recovery solution offers automatic cloud backup protection with the option to schedule your backups continuously throughout the day. Simplify Backup allows you to set it and forget it, all while optionally syncing your data across your devices. This enables the user to stay productive no matter when or where you are.

XenApp monitoring software helps to proactively analyze, monitor, alert, and remediate issues in a virtual, physical, or hybrid environment for full visibility that eliminates the need for guesswork. Simplify Monitoring is the only solution on the market that allows a bird’s eye view of the entire virtual stack with the ability to drill down and pinpoint and remediate potential issues before they become problems for the end user.

Simplify Scanning is the cost efficient solution to take scanning off your list of IT headaches. By removing the need to manage drivers, upgrades and time-consuming workarounds, Simplify Scanning enables full featured scanning all while decreasing your total time to scan.

Finally, Simplify Profiles eradicates bloated roaming profiles, missing profile data, erratic application behavior, and crashed workstations with a solution that provides total administrative control over a flexible profile environment.

The key factors that differentiate Tricerat from their competitors is their commitment to quality, both in product and customer service. Tricerat focuses on agile methods meaning they constantly update and better their products based on the needs and suggestions of their customers.

John Byrne , CEO and President of Tricerat sees a real traction in Printing technology.

“We are staying ahead by putting a strong emphasis on mobility. We know the future is all about productivity and technology should enhance productivity, hence the focus on mobility”, says Byrne.

Acetna, Farmers Insurance Group, Genworth Financial, VR,Great West Casualty Company,LA Financial Credit Union,Mercantile Bank,Morgan Stanley, New York,NASDAQ-OMX, North Carolina Department of Insurance, Petagon Federal Credit Union, Wells Fargo Bank NA, World Bank are some of their illustrious clientele.

One of their clients, Bill Conklin, Senior Lead Microcomputer Analyst, Grange Insurance says “Simplify Lock down and Simplify Printing have effectively reduced the time I spend resolving Citrix issues by 90 percent”.

The company is dedicated to enabling IT solutions that are mobile. “We want to unchain the IT admin from their desk,” concludes a confident Byrne.

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