Toriigate Inc: Building IT Solutions Tailored For Clients

IT technologies are changing at an increasingly rapid rate and IT organizations/processes are challenged with meeting their user’s needs in a timely and cost-effective way. Educating users in all these challenges is the big challenge, especially with the budget constraints imposed. Federal Budgets are constrained requiring a more focused yet dynamic approach to Enterprise IT and the methods it requires.

With 80+ years of Federal and federal contractor leadership and acquisition and program management experience, the Torii Gate Managing Partners bring to Federal clients a large scale, enterprise wide strategies and infrastructure solutions for highly complex working environments. Leveraging the disciplined approach of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®), Torii Gate partners with clients to provide top quality programs and project management support and rigorous financial services.

Its experience in both the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Homeland Security/Transportation (DHS/DOT) gives Torii Gate the intimate perspective to deliver excellence in any complex environment

ToriiGate’s leadership team has solved complex Enterprise IT managed services solutions from beginning to end, implementing and managing and integrating numerous high dollar task orders.

ToriiGate brings excellent and broad acquisition expertise and manages teams of acquisition professionals throughout the full life cycle of acquisition management and training. The partners of ToriiGate’s years of experience in the acquisition environment enables them to ‘tap’ into unique, highly qualified acquisition resources.

ToriiGate will leverage its SDVOSB status to gain opportunities both as a prime and subcontractor with its network of collegues in both Government and Industry. Torii Gate’s core clientele include the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency.

Case Study
As the First Director of Enterprise Services for TSA, Torii Gate partners initially led a small team of IT Government and contractor professionals to establish and expediently build out TSA’s enterprise IT to support a post-911 transportation security mission to combat terror. Ultimately, that organization grew to a staff of more than 500 federal and contractor employees but the work Torii Gate’s partners put into motion, created the environment for an enterprise-wide managed solution:

Benefit: Over 430 nodes supporting 50,000+ users received state of the art IT capability to support an expanding and evolving transportation security mission.

Torii gate also worked closely with CSC to bring cost-effective mission-focused IT service delivery to TSA. Working closely with the CIO, Torii Gate partners, right-sized, re-shaped, standardized, commoditized and documented the TSA infrastructure to allow effective implementation of an ITIL service delivery –a well established best practice.

Torii Gate has a business plan focused on directed and competitive work to bring acquisition/financial/programmatic/IT-focused support to the Federal space. Torii Gate’s 4-year growth and qualification expansion plan is designed to prime larger competitive IT and SETA support contracts and concurrently build IT solutions for clients that are tailored to organization needs. Beyond Year 6 the Torii Gate road map is focused on sustainability, acquisition of other capabilities and the integration of such to provide career advancement and higher solutions capabilities for employees and clients.


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