The Rise of the digital world amidst COVID-19 outbreak

The Rise of the digital world amidst COVID-19 outbreak
The Rise of the digital world amidst COVID-19 outbreak

The novel coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on the lives of every single person. We now have to adapt to a lifestyle that’s completely different from our prior one. Something as simple as going outside, hanging out with friends, and going to restaurants and bars has become something we long for and miss dearly.

Due to this major change in the amount of daily interaction we get with other people, it’s getting harder and harder to stay inside, especially for those who live by themselves. This is exactly where the digital world comes into play, specifically the online dating scene. This industry has been growing steadily for the past couple of years after its appearance on the market. But it has never seen such rapid expansion as it has in the last 2 months.

Across the world, more and more people miss the process of going out and getting to know some strangers. Now, that they have been stripped of that opportunity, they realized just how convenient online dating sites and apps are. You can check out if a person suits your taste and then if all goes right and they end up liking you back, you can start having a conversation in a matter of minutes.

Alongside some industry favorites such as Tinder and Bumble, there are other apps, that are a bit less high-profile, but equally trustworthy and high-quality that are still on their way to the top. One of those apps is the China-based Tantan. This application has seen a 30% increase in its users just in a span of a month. And now it hosts 10.5 million users per day. Interestingly enough, top users on this app are people born between 1995 and 2000.

The thing that makes this app as attractive as it is, is its simplicity. If you like the person whose photo you’re seeing you swipe right, if you don’t you swipe left. People usually chat with the ones they have been matched with, meaning they both swiped right on each other. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are now in a happy relationship thanks to these websites and the pandemic is just the boost it needed to get a new wave of customers.

Online entertainment

Staying home for long periods of time comes with certain complications including feeling lonely and also getting bored really easily. This is totally understandable. But thankfully we are in the 21st century when digital entertainment is at its peak. There are countless different outlets for people looking to have fun online. There are also a lot of pages and websites that have been created to help you find something interesting and fun to do in this lonely period of time.

One of the industries that have come in handy a lot this past couple of weeks is the online gambling industry. Without the options of going out and playing, real-life casino gamblers have had to opt for a live casino online. The online casino industry has managed to become one of the primary online entertainment services just in the short 20 years of its existence.

The reason why online casinos are slowly overtaking the real-life ones is that they offer services that are much easier to understand and at the same time they are much more comfortable. And there are also opportunities to meet new people using these websites, for example, through live poker games and such. And in today’s day and age, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who is sitting at home and doesn’t know what to do with their time.

Another industry that has been thriving amidst the COVID-19 outbreak is the gaming industry. Even though it had its loyal base of gamers long before 2020 stormed on us with the coronavirus, the number has significantly gone up. You don’t have to be playing for money in order to enjoy the experience, though it might be less exciting. People all around the world started buying Xbox and PlayStation consoles or using popular gaming websites in order to have some fun and interact with new people.


The new COVID-19 has truly made a significant change in our lives. We no longer have the privilege of going outside whenever we want to spend time with other people and enjoy our lives the same way we used to. But luckily, we have a lot of different outlets we can turn to for entertainment and company. More and more people are starting to use online dating apps and different gaming websites that offer them countless opportunities, fun times, and new and exciting relationships.

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