The Millennium Group: Building Organizational Capacity

Can performance be sustained even as budgets are reduced and requirements become more complex? Government agencies are experiencing unprecedented pressure to perform. In many cases, this pressure requires transformative not incremental improvement. While the focus on performance has never been more critical, leaders confront this pressure within a world of increasing rapid change, limited financial resources, and ever-higher levels of program/problem complexity all under the watchful eye of increased stakeholder scrutiny. The Millennium Group International (TMG) is leading the way with unique technology tools and methodologies that can help organizations address these issues.

Since 1998, TMG has been a trusted, well-respected management consulting partner noted for exemplary credentials, objective advice and recommendations that translate into improved strategic and operational performance improvement. TMG’s consultants are known for their specialized business experience and expertise that builds bridges over past performance gaps. TMG’s strategic consulting expertise spans the competencies needed to deliver performance improvements, in areas such as tool deployment, strategy development, human capital consulting, process improvements, and change management.

TMG’s performance analytics technology promotes a shared understanding of what the organization is attempting to achieve, the interactions and interdependencies to high performance.

TMG’s performance model focuses on mission performance starting with strategic objectives, work demand, identifying and quantifying the resource base and measuring performance. The model integrates workforce competencies, proficiency levels, staffing sources along with cost within a risk model that provides leaders at all levels with an objective measure of sustainable performance capacity. Their methodology gives C-level Officers and their staff members the information necessary to full performance as a strategic partner in mission performance.

The company sees traction with their predictive performance analytics solution, where clients need a comprehensive view of system-wide performance. TMG can provide the solution(s) that permits staff at all levels to understand performance context and a common view of how individual actions contribute to enterprise level performance– line of sight from individual to strategic performance. TMG’s solution provides immediate benefits in reduced time in data collection and analysis and provides the ability to plan dynamically to understand potential performance improvements. The agile approach to development and implementation of our operational intelligence platform, delivers low initial investment utilizing a model-driven approach – no coding is required.

TMG has delivered services to numerous government, non-profit and corporate clients across the country. TMG has delivered services to 11 out of the 15 cabinet-level Federal government agencies, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Department of the Interior, Department of the Treasury, Army National Guard, USDA, GSA, EPA and NASA.

The Millennium Group International was recently selected by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) to develop and deploy an operational intelligence platform to streamline and improve service delivery. TMG is providing the capabilities to map the current and future states, monitor the transition and strategy deployment, and dynamically track performance from core systems of record, and measure variation within the WHS organization. The system is also providing accountability and transparency to program execution.

TMG will work with CIOs with developing predictive performance analytics through their operational intelligence platform. Additionally, TMG’s deep experience with developing leaders, delivering training, providing strategic communications support, and provide business process improvement support will bring critical value to clients looking to make sustainable change.


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