Education technology impacts across multiple touch-points. The spectrum spans from student decision-making and enrollment, to campus life and graduation.

Traditionally, schools have been recruiting prospective students via road shows and campus events. If we just look at the last 10 years, there is definitely a technological revolution that has taken place perceived through massive adoption of social media and mobile phones. Ten years ago, Facebook had 50MM users; today it has 2 Billion. The same goes with smartphones: ten years ago, 14-18 year-olds’ penetration rate was less than 10%, where today it’s about 90%. Education technology platforms, like Swizly, are now being used in recruitment, and keeping students connected across multiple social platforms, along with alumni whom are connected with their alma mater more than ever.

Swizly originally launched as a social aggregation platform for various industries including Higher Education. Its subscriber base was concentrated on Higher Education marketers – primarily communications officers, managers and directors -, of various institutions without directly marketing to them. Higher Education clients saw the greatest benefits in Swizly, especially when they segmented their most direct stakeholders – prospective students, enrolled students and alumni.

Swizly has become a platform that combines social aggregation integrating proven technology, artificial intelligence and automation to improve efficiency in the recruitment process.

The trend has definitely shifted towards nurturing relations using social media platforms, more specifically on mobile. In terms of recruitment, Swizly is leveraging the trend by aggregating and showcasing the campus life from different perspectives. This has sparked and captured the interest of prospective students, leading them to interact with Swizly’s

Ziad Nassar, Swizly
Ziad Nassar, Swizly

Mobile Engagement Guide. Because of the advancement in Marketing Technology, there are now hundreds and even thousands of data points collected on students’ online behavior. Data collected based on interests, as well as future plans, are now being used to recommend alternate interests. For instance, one can now market for a degree in Sustainable Architecture to 15-17 year-olds with an average of X in SAT scores, nationwide or based on a geo-fenced 5-mile-radius of high schools.

Being cloud based, Swizly is built on AWS [Amazon Web Services] with Python using the latest web and marketing automation, and data management technology. The team is also working on additional artificial intelligence to be patented and released in the coming year.

Swizly has become a platform that combines a proven social aggregation integrating technology, artificial intelligence and automation to improve efficiency in the recruitment process. There are also many secondary benefits with the social hub that the clients see with existing students and alumni. Swizly is able to increase applicant pool and enrollment in a smarter way, which in turn reduces the student recruitment cost and increases income. It also showcases student life for prospective students, enrolled students and alumni.

The fact that Swizly is focused on the Higher Ed market has definitely helped it stay ahead of its competitors. Swizly also leverages social media in a new way, and allows Universities to use the platform to augment and improve efficiency throughout the student decision journey, resulting in a measurable ROI for the school. The market is still relatively untapped, and although parts of its systems and methods are being used in a more ad hoc approach, Swizly provides a cost effective and calculated way to help schools increase new student enrollment.

Currently, the team at Swizly is in the process of collecting more and more data-points to be able to handhold prospective students down their decision path. Today, there are billions of chat messages being sent daily. By next year, plans are in place to include a machine learning chatbot, with natural language processing that will provide added engagement and assistance in directing and engaging with students to answer any questions about the university, enrollment or specifically about any degree or given course.

About Swizly™
Founded in 2013, Swizly has established itself as the social platform for Higher Education institutions increasing their visibility to prospective candidates, students and alumni. Swizly allows its platform users to consolidate their social media communications into one destination that can be embedded in their website, mobile application or Facebook page and adapted to all platforms.

Behind this idea are veterans of the digital world, communications and data science. The platform’s CEO has more than 20 years experience in web, product, e-commerce development and digital strategy whereas its CSO has a proven experience in concept development and communications consulting. The team is completed with an expert in data science of more than 10 years focused on analytical services to higher education institutions for enrollment management among other things.

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