In the last forty years, undergraduate enrolment in the United States has more than doubled, while the completion rate has remained unchanged. Students have been taking too much time, been taking too many credits, and have been spending too much money. EduNav Campus has made significant progress in giving students access to education – but getting them to achieve a degree is still a distant goal.

The breadth and depth of data at colleges and universities is significant. The challenge is not lack of inputs but building the right educational plans to maximize success—and keeping those plans current—no matter how complex or variable the inputs. What is the fastest route to completion for this part-time transfer student with specific financial aid restrictions? How many seats will we need for a key milestone course next year? Which degree would be quickest to complete for each enrolled student? These are not easy questions to answer, but are what really need to be addressed.

EduNav was created solely with the intention of arming colleges and universities with academic planning software that empowers every student to see and pursue their best path to completion

Since over more than a decade ago, the founders of EduNav have brought together a team of experts, comprising of the core teams at Tegrity and BetterKnow, focused on integrating information silos and providing both the student and the institution real-time access to the information they need. EduNav is driven by a simple goal – to develop an engineering solution that helps move the needle on student persistence and completion.

EduNav has created an engineering solution to address this. Like Google Maps, it maps a personalized, optimal path to completion for every student, it updates real-time when any circumstances change, and it enables students to understand the time and financial implications of their decisions. The team brings unparalleled experience in deep integration with core systems, with more than one thousand integrations with student information systems, learning management systems, and authentication authorities. In partnership with key colleges and universities, they’ve built the most sophisticated academic planning solution in the market. EduNav Campus is an incredibly sophisticated algorithmic solution. Their mathematicians and scientists use mathematical optimization and machine learning-assisted data analysis to continuously refine the algorithm that powers the EduNav solutions.

Help your students graduate. And sooner.
Help your students graduate. And sooner.

Talking about the company’s roadmap, EduNav’s team of experts are currently working with a number of systems to solve the technology challenges of transfer pathways. In most systems, the process for a student to transfer from a two-year institution to a four-year institution is incredibly complex – and it is costing students time and money. EduNav brings to such an audience, the innate ability to integrate complex and disparate systems across systems making, thereby them uniquely capable to help with addressing this challenge.

Over a span of more than two decades, founder Isaac Segal has built successful companies that harness, shape, and push technology to address higher education’s evolving challenges, the last and well-known project of his being BetterKnow, which transformed the way instructors discovered and adopt course materials. Acquired by Follett in 2013 and renamed Follett Discover, it is used in more than 300 institutions today. EduNav was created solely with the intention of arming colleges and universities with academic planning software that empowers every student to see and pursue their best path to completion, while providing better clarity and insight for institutions themselves to optimize course capacities and resources.

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